“Stand Up. Walk.”

The hall was furbished with Christmas lights, decked with boughs of holly, shone with the resplendent glow of faith and unstoppable hope. Believers were worshiping joyfully as the pre-believers started to dismiss back into their cycle of life. Enlightenment deluged the hall when the pastor prompted the congregation to take a step of faith, walk to the altar and experience a miracle, a breakthrough, an encounter with God.

As people were making their way to the altar, “Come, let’s go.” Ellie jerked John’s wheelchair. The worship was accentuating, tongues were flying, souls were touched.

John halted Ellie, “you know I don’t believe in God.” Ellie looked straight into his eyes bewildered, tinged with a little of disbelief, “why are you still insisting?” People began to fill up the altar. The worshipers went deeper into worship, silencing themselves, letting only the instruments guide His omnipotence.

“Don’t you want to walk again?” the question struck a chord in John, “After all these years of coming here, don’t you want to catch a glimpse of how great is His grace?”

I do, John thought. I am just scared that I am not prepared enough. Ellie was still pushing him without any hesitation through the congregation, making way for him seeing new light.

When we reached the altar, the pastor made his way here immediately after healing another person. Uttered a silent prayer with John, putting his palm on top of his head, she was also praying along too, hoping for a miracle, an unwavering belief.

The pastor commanded to John, “Make yourself available to Lord,” Ellie reiterated to God in her heart, praying hard along with the pastor.

“Stand. John, stand up!” Trembling, like a toddler just learned to walk. One foot on the ground, “Stand up, John!” Another foot on the cold hard ground, quivering as the feet were not used for years.

The pastor acted as a support for John’s first few steps, Ellie was in tears as she was a witness of a miracle of God, the congregation spectated the presence of God overwhelming the vicinity. God is here, A hunch, but bona fide.

“Here, walk! Stand up. Walk.” the pastor tumultuous roar reverberated with firmness of faith in Him.

John was walking. Miraculous. Miracle. Overjoy. Elated by the agape love of God. He fell to his knees, bowed ten times to the almighty God, stood up in splendor, worshiping God in grandiose.

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