A Story Left Untold

From Nazareth,
To Bethlehem.

Traversing in the dark,
Following the unwavering light.

No matter how lost
you think you are;

No matter how dark
the route is;

No matter how much
you do not understand

Just know that
He is always there.

He is always there
Even if you do not know.

He is always there
Even if you push him away.

He is always there
With you.

Your comprehension of the situation at hand,
Can never surpass His.

Your understanding, your vision,
Can never be further than His.

He leads you to places
That He wants you to be.

He leads you to places
That is beyond your imagination

He leads you to places
That is in His plans.

Without logic,
Without common sense.

Without you noticing,
Without your permission.

A manger is
More than enough.

Time and space is finite
To us.

Time and space is infinite
To Him.

When he said a day,
He might mean a year.

When he said a year,
He might mean a week.

Often you could not understand
His actions.

But, once you understood
You will be awed by His grace.

We can never fully understand Him,
But even a glimpse of understanding
Is more than enough.

Some of us
Do not even understand
And kept asking why.

Stop asking why,
Some times
Answers take time.

Stop whining over wasted time,
He does everything with a purpose for you,
Even if you think it is wasted time.

He writes our stories,
Even before time.

Our stories unfold
As He is always there with us.

Merry Christmas!

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