“Come. Let’s take a picture together.” Cream said as she pulled K nearer into her embrace. The wrenching pain that both of them had to endure was immense, almost idiotic, but what is love when it could be explained?

Beep… K was an inherited cancer patient, he was at death’s door as he was at her arms for one last time. Both of them lived together for almost two decades, familiar even with one another’s heartbeat, but K was selfish, he did not want to be loved as he did not want Cream to go through the pain of grievance of his imminent demise.

K’s decision was shallow, he underestimated the power of love, Beep… He chose not to tell Cream about his condition since the start they met. The lies that he created since then forged into an unbreakable spell of overwhelming sadness as Cream found out about K’s condition in his mid-20s.

Long story short, Beep… Time was not on their side anymore. The pain, the love that they shared were unfathomable, an undecipherable kind of love, silly, almost. K’s battle with love came to a sad ending, he could never outrun love, as far as he ran, the love between them grew even closer without even trying, life was winding them together with love.

Beep… Cream was holding back her tears, her pain and giving K one last moment to remember after a valiant tussle with cancer itself. Beep… Their heartbeats slowed down, being in sync for once more before death nabbed K away, sharing the same familiar air, closer than zero distance. Beep… Cream buried her head in his, relishing his presence before he waned into non-existence, physically; reciting his heartbeat into her heart.

Time was fleeting, Beep. The moments that they shared together, Beep. Coruscated through their unified hearts, Beep. His heart was failing.

Beep. Beep. Beep. He fell into her, in his death. Beeppp…

Inspired by: More than blue 2018 (比悲伤跟悲伤的故事)

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