One Lost Sheep






wandering in nothingness
the pasture where
green promulgates
at sight, wholly.

pondering about castles
built in the air

wondering about directions
in the vastness
of aimlessness.

“where am i?”

“why am i still here?”

questions upon questions
left unanswered

perhaps there are no answers
to these questions.

i better stop asking.






feeling empty and hollow
grazing the grass

i am still in oblivion

knowing nothing
besides nothing.

i moved, i ate;
i moved, i pondered;
i moved, i pooped;
i moved, i fell;

i stopped…

noticing that i am missing
the one that got away,
the one of the hundred
that ran away.


i stayed still,

i am still lost.

figuring out my whereabouts
to no avail.

looking into the stars of the skies
just to see there is no end to it.

i am not forgotten,
i am not abandoned,
i am not lost.


dark clouds
sporadically formed
above me

tumultuous thunder
ferocious lightning
rained down like never before.

i ran,
and ran, and ran, and ran.
but found no end.

realising my folly,
i stayed put,
waiting, fervently.

knowing that He is
always by my side.


i waited


lightning struck beside me


i waited


gales of wind devoured the air


i waited


arrows of snow pelted through me


i called out for help.
and waited
at where i was.

time is relative,
He knew when to pick me up

time is infinite,
He knew no bounds

i saw Him,
the shepherd
who left the ninety-nine sheep
came to rescue me-
the one lost sheep.

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Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

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      1. Thank you! (Although i still got 5 and a quarter hours to go) HAPPY NEW YEAR TO U TOO! Hope u’ve fulfilled ur previous year goals and will fulfill ur goals of this year 😁

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