2019, REACH!

2018 was a fruitless yet fruitful year, a year where I went through the depths of hell and came back up unscathed, resurrected with a new-found message from God- reach.

Here rests the past of 2018, an unforgettable lesson, dreaded treachery, that I had learned from it.

thank u, next.

Not really much had happened in 2018 in terms of productivity, so this year I want to focus on things that are out of my bounds.

Run a marathon!

I have been putting effort into making this happen, probably I will join the Standard Chartered run in August (I forgot the actual date.) and also the NKVE highway run. I want to challenge myself to do even more with my body. Routines must be set, and I must be disciplined.

Reach more people!

Social awkwardness and anxiety had been my forte for the past years, I want to get rid of these by putting myself to meet more, to know more, to foster more relationships with peoples of diversity.

Blog more!

What I mean by that is not only writing, but also connecting more with other bloggers, hopefully I can get to know more beautiful souls in this wonderful platform.

5000+ followers, 200,000+ total views. A figure is better to guide my spirit.


A simple spell yet impossible. I will read more, probably 50 books this year.

Reaching A New Balance.

Sleep earlier. Wake up earlier. Eat healthier. Probably start some sort of meal prep.

11.00 p.m. (2300 hours) sleep time, 6.00 a.m. (0600 hours) wake up time.

Have A Stable Income.

RM 2500 is not too much to ask for if I am willing to put in more effort.

Cut Down On Phone Usage.

I want to make using my phone only for productive stuffs, I want to entirely cut out Youtube, gaming from my life, and limit Instagram and Twitter usage to total 1 hour per day (or lesser). In another words, my phone is just for blogging and reading, and my screen time should be lesser than two hours per day.

Augment My Voice In My Writings.

Since writing is somewhat a practise-rigorously-then-derive kind of activity, I believe that my current standing in what I do everyday can be improved.

Do Not Forget About Maths.

Will explore the past Mathematicians and thinkers ideas, starting off with Euclid’s Elements, Stephan Hawkins will be the next.

Have A Better Relationship With God.

Reach closer to God.

Thank God for 2018. Hopefully God will provide me in His ways for 2019.

What are your New Year’s resolution for 2019? Drop a link or comment down in the comment sections for me to wish your hope for it! Thank you so much for reading.

Here’s to a better 2019!

Hope. Joy.. Feelings cloaked as words.

P.S. one more year left. make it count.


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Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

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