Re: Start (January Goals)

Last year was a hell of a roller coaster ride, but the last month was a redemption period for my unproductive 2018 in terms of achievements and progress. Nonetheless, I learned a lot from last year. (Click here for my 2018 in review!)

I have set down my New Year’s resolutions for 2019 (Click here!) which encapsulates the message of ‘reach’. The word reach itself can be diversified and flexible, it can form phrases- reach out, reach in, reach up- and carrying the meaning of arriving or stretching to someplace.

Reach is a verb, which is an action, an inconvenient one. If I want to reach more, I have to put in more effort into what my visions are. It is crucial for me to have a clear vision or goals first in order to reach out and reach in to them.

In the past month:

Run. Overshot my expectations, I ran an average 5 times per week. A 100 km ground covered in a month! 

Early to bed. Early to rise. I did manage to pull off an 11.00 p.m. sleep and waking up at 7.00 a.m. on average, getting closer to my goal in my mind.

Read. Halfway there. I read 2 books only. 

Revive my instagram. Come follow me @hopeinterrupts ! I have revived it after laying dormant for a year or so.

Expand my word bank. Slightly, I need to put in more effort. 

Blog. Yes, I did it! Just need to add-on to my current effort.

Write. Come check it out! Black Box.

Practise Calligraphy. I did routinely, weekly.

Work. Yes! I never felt more alive doing so!

Screen Time. Still at the 4-hour mark, nothing has improved here.

Youtube. A stigma that still needs remediating.

January Goals:


150 km this month, by hook or by crook.

Engage with more bloggers / writers.

45 minutes on WordPress, 15 minutes on FB and Instagram.


4 books, no excuses.


Starting off some interesting stuffs on Euclid.


like never before, I want to adopt the Japanese style of working and grinding so hard for their career with such smouldering passion and enthusiasm.

Screen Time.

A change of rules, my time on WordPress must surpass my time on Youtube, that’s all. Keeping all down to the 3-hour mark (average per week).

Get closer with God.

Hopefully all of these will come into present. Looking forward to a grandiose 2019 ahead, reaching it.

Dear God,
Please grant me strength and wisdom to start well with this year,

I love You, God. Thank you for everything, even for the breath that I breathe every second. 

Craving for more? Down below:

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