Ma Huateng & Tencent 腾讯 by Leng Hu (Book Review)

Ma Huateng, also known as Pony Ma, is one of the co-founders of Tencent company. Pony Ma is one of the master copiers in the world, copying his way to pave his own in China, and even the whole world.

copy + innovation = success

That is more or less most of the business plans of Pony Ma. At first, the launch of QQ was inspired by ICQ. Pony Ma adopted the idea, changed it to QICQ with some enhancement of the instant message programme, alas changing it to one of the most famous and indispensable platforms in China.

He explained his struggles during the up-rise of the penquin empire of QQ, waddling his way through the undulated path to a permanent lifestyle. There were some worthy opponents for Tencent that were MSN and Qihu360, they failed because QQ was more apt with peoples’ lifestyles and being able to innovate through ‘copying’.

I am not saying that copying is a bad thing, but copying and repackaging the particular idea requires innovation and understanding of the requirements of the economic flow of market.

Later, Pony Ma also launched WeChat that is an communicating app similar to Whatsapp but combining with other various features like of Facebook and online payment. Tencent also ventured into the gaming industry, supplying a game to me that got me addicted for a year or so, but I did not pay a single cent, nonetheless the time loss from me was irrecoverable.

Slowly, Tencent branched to various parts of life, seeping into the lives of us, becoming part of us. 3.6/5. The writing style of this book is rather scripted. Personally, I do not like that way that the biography is brought out due to the writing style of stating plain facts only with less elaborate substantiation about how does Pony Ma think in these circumstances.

A mediocre book. I could learn more from you Mr. Pony Ma, if you are willing to share, truly what you are thinking and how you think when you are dealing with your life. Results are the culmination of process, it is crucial to let people know about how is your process in detail rather than the actual results.

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