Wooden Shack

Summer was as sweltering as ever, an arid breeze brushed through my complexion further drying up my lips, I was passing by the neighborhood where the dilapidated house was located. The advice, a warning rather, given by everyone was a myth that was not busted by anyone- do not enter the haunted house.

My eyes decided to steal a glance of the entirety of the haunted house, it was wooden, chipped off by time, wreathed in brown withered grass, promulgating an ominous atmosphere around it, sending chills down my spine. A wooden shack tugged at the edge of the house caught my eyes, it sat singularly within my sight, I walked over there by the force of the curiousity in me.

As I was approaching the wooden shack, the door flung open wildly, sucked me in without a flinch. I shrilled at the top of my voice, letting out the horror that immediately hit me. My head was sent into loops of dizziness, my senses were failing me indefinitely, letting loose of my conscience, spiraling a state of nonentity.

I pried open my eyes, realising that I was in a sky full of stars, furbished with white clouds that led into an infinite abyss both ways up and down. There was a rainbow tube in the middle of the sky. I stood up, it was enigmatic, stepping into thin air, yet standing up.

One of the clouds rolled closer to me, tempting me to sleep on it without any hesitation, embracing me like a toddler that craved for a slumber and a castle built in the air. I slammed myself unto the cloud, letting the cloudy tenderness engulf me wholly, leaving me with relishing moments that quenched my curiousity.

Amongst the sporadic formation of clouds, I closed my eyes, fell back into reality where I was still standing outside, staring into the dilapidated house. It was dark, I wondered how long did I stand there in a trance whilst desiring more of the intangible comfort.

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