Full Moon

Somnolence reverberated through the salience of silence, breaking down the night into its demise, revealing the resplendent roundness of the full moon, glistening through the depths of the night. I stood at the door of my wooden house, seizing the door for support as my energy was slowly draining out of my system.

A paroxysm of uncanny malignancy veiled up inside me, I could not hold it still, some parts of me leaked out unintentionally, revealing the part of me where I was quivering in hunger, in pain, in agony.

Apprehensive, unable to comprehend the situation at hand, my tummy was welled up with the moonshine, replenishing me to my full form. The clothes on me started to rip apart, crumpled away like rough paper, leaving my furry subcutaneous layer into the night of full moon.

Breathing heavily, heaving as if my lungs were to collapse, I wanted to be free, tasting the sweet sweet freedom. I laid on all fours, sprinting across the fields, coruscating like a shadow through the forest, reaching the apogee of the nearest hill where I was closest to the moon.

“AWOOOO!!!” I let out a long tumultuous roar into the night, beckoning victory over my old self. “AAWWWOOOOO!!!” asserting dominance over the depths of the deaden mountain, I sprang back into life, noticing cunning pairs of glares staring straight into my soul, some were ravenous, even more challenging.

I was prepared, I wanted this to end in a bloodbath. Waiting for nothing, I leapt into the hell on earth, a bloodshed that I craved.

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