Speaking Weight

Teaching is intriguing and one of the most interesting passions that I have. I got to meet so many types of people from across the spectrum of personalities, there were the smart ones, the arrogant ones, the not-so-bright ones, the rebellious ones, the industrious ones, the stringent ones, the noisy ones. All of them have one facet in common, they are no longer the only students in class, all of us are learners and having a special bond between the teacher and the learners.

Every learner is different, same goes to people, everyone of us are different, in one way or another. Thus, I am required to adapt to the characteristics of the learners until a certain personal level- such as knowing their names, what they like, what their hobbies are- in order to create a unique bond between me and the learners, simply peculiar, enigmatic.

Since I am a part of their lives, I must be clear and be sure of my words. In another words, I must cogitate before I open my mouth, even before moving a muscle. My words and actions have significant amount of impact to the learners’ life respectively, they might perceive my words as critical, helpful or nonsensical, depending on their perception, my words might mean completely opposite things to them of what I intend to deliver. Not to mention my actions and my facial expressions, if I were to give a condescending look to anyone of my learners, it might have the propensity to cast a shadow over their talents or courage. Therefore, what I do inexorably have an indelible mark on the learners, whether good or bad, it is up to me to control and ponder about my actions.

Negativity is as contagious as positivity. My words can be what I intend to be, but I must be ascertain with how I present myself, including my general countenance, demeanor and non-verbal actions. Keeping a smile on my face all the time is not difficult at all, a piece of cake. Notice that I use the expressions of ‘not difficult’ and ‘a piece of cake’, they both mean the same but not quite. The word ‘difficult’ itself may steer your mind to think negatively, that smiling is difficult. However, the phrase ‘a piece of cake’ directly gestures to your mind that smiling is easy. The choice of words has the susceptibility to modify how you think and even how your future mindset to a particular activity. My eye-contact, tone and my intention of the way that I deliver my message to my learners also play a crucial role in determining their mindset. Thus, the adage- words can change you, is bona fide.

The onus of teaching is immense because I might be teaching, cultivating the next Prime Minister, the next futurist, the next world-renowned criminal, the next pioneering technologist, the next hacker of the century, the next generation of greatness at this very moment. What I speak, even a single word or a single flick of my eye, is contributing to their next thinking.

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