Choices And Regrets

Living in a world where making choices is a prerogative that everyone of us has. Every choice that we make will sure have its consequences, no matter good or bad, if you ever regret of what you had chosen in the past, it is time to cogitate and ponder about your future choices by taking calculated risks with a piecemeal approach.

The adage- your life is in your hands- is bona fide. Your life is how you choose to live it. If you want to live a life where you rush here and there; if you want to live a life where you just laze around in your comfort zone; if you want to live a life where you think there is no other choices, it is all up to you because your life is within your choices. You can choose to do whatever your heart desires until your heart’s content, it is your life after all, follow your heart, and never regret.

Choices made are never a bed of roses but a rose with thorns. After making choices, if you feel regret, most probably the choice that you have made is wrong in the sense that your feelings are not taken care of. However, I want to talk about when the choice indeed is the only choice that you have at that point in time. When you get the choice that is not within your mind, you might feel upset, probably a little angry, nothing really much. You can choose to perceive the difficulty ahead as a challenge, or you can perceive it as an obstacle, either way you must have the right attitude, realising that you are stuck with the situation temporarily, be flexible, think outside the box, do things that people not normally do at that point of choice, do things that suits you most, think about you, nothing else is more important than you as you make the choices.

I might sound selfish but this is your life, not others. Even so, if you feel like people are controlling over your life, it is because you made the choice to perceive that life is controlling you in one way or another. If you were to choose to take control over your life, then everything would be different in many ways, you can choose to take control over your life, rather than to be controlled by the circumstances.

Never say you cannot, say you can, when there is a will, there is a way. No matter how dire the situation might be, there must be the light at the end of the tunnel. If you think quitting or giving a certain situation might make you feel better, then do so, it is your choice to choose whether to persevere or to succumb to the surroundings. It is not embarrassing to give up, it is smart to acknowledge your capabilities and realise what you are doing is not what you want, simply courageous.

Actions speak louder than words, talking is just a brief pause to something greater. Stop and ponder around your choices, it might be time for you to make other choices, convenient or not, to do things that rekindle the smouldering passion inside you, to keep you alive. Live out your choices, without regrets, triumphantly, change the situation with your will. Be bold, make your choices, impact other people.

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