how far is east is from the west?

The stars across the skies laid sparsely as I looked into the plain vast blackness of the incessant flow of time, never waiting for anyone. Sporadic clouds were forming above my head, swirling, my thoughts were lingering around with the shapes of above without any apparent reason but with a definite goal of raining upon me.

A castle was building up in the air I breathed, I lauded for the brief silence, but it was broken into pieces when the rain pelted like arrows, piercing through thin air, rippling gently in the field of greenness. Drip. I snapped out of my faculty of thoughts as I got back to my senses, realising that I was in the middle of nowhere, raining, pouring still.

Anxiety started to creep into my bones, I was trembling like a leaf in a storm, my composure was utterly devoured by the surroundings, the ferocity of my situation. I was standing singularly in an empty field where the winds amplified the nothingness of the vicinity. The air was frigid, I was cold, lonely and alone.

Tilting my head above to witness the greatness from above, deluging my face with rain, inundating myself from the impurities of me- the dark sides of me that I detested. Drenched, I was covered in my own tears, my own rainfall, me, disregarding the world that I was living in.

Breathing became a chore for me, keeping my eyes open, a piece of remembrance. I took in a deep breath. The rain stopped, I was standing in the middle of bridge, a concrete one paved in tar without any vehicles nor any pollutants. The sun was hanging directly above my head, drenching me evaporating water from my subcutaneous layer.

I looked to the left and to the right, and wondered how far is east is from the west. Without any second thoughts, I walked along the bridge, basking in the hot, sweltering sun. Walking turned into running immediately, I sprinted across the bridge, just to know that my breath would run out as soon as I thought I reached the other end.

It was unfathomable, the distance, I kept pursuing things swiftly, I wanted everything to be in my will within a flick of my fingers. I kept wanting to go faster, but not knowing that I needed time to learn.

As I kept pushing, I kept slowing down. Whenever I wanted to sprint, I broke down afterwards in a short distance. My mind was budging me to keep moving, to move fast, to amend the time loss of the past, to move faster than ever before.

Then, I realised, I had laid dormant for years, I need some time to get out of the mess that I had created with my own hands, to escape my temptations, my addictions, my crying over wasted time.

I stood still, singularly, sweating profusely, mixed with salt and sebum.

Looking to the left, looking to the right.

I am standing in the middle of it all, as far as heights reach from the depths, as far as east is from the west, so far Your grace has carried me.

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