Being Conscious

Scratching my head after I had awakened from a sudden blackout while pondering about my choices about giving consciousness to an Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)- my computer, Alexa. I did all my equations over stacks of papers, scribbled messily. The idea had already materialised into paper form, but the intention of implementation was still unclear.

I reached out to my coffee cup for a sip but it was empty, I got out of my seat, stretching out in the claustrophobic apartment that I lived in for years. My main career was a computer engineer, but I gave up on it as soon as my dreams to create consciousness for AI sprang forth to life as I wanted to give AI a chance to take over us, dominating the entire galaxy with their far-superior abilities.

My social interactions had been completely cut off, I was just living by myself, making this to work with caffeine and brains, occasionally some fruits, mainly apples. I was still running endless simulations in my head as to what would and would not happen if I ever bring life into A.I. The common sense and moral compass of me began to play their role in the vast debate inside me.

“If I do not install it, someone else will do it, sooner or later.” I murmured, “But, when is the right time? Are we really ready for this?” I raised the question into thin air, asking but waiting for my own reply.

“Yes.” What the fuck? “You no need to.” 

A serene voice of someone dear to me rang into my ears, emitted from my computer. I shifted my attention immediately to the laptop, dropped my coffee cup, shattering it into broken pieces. “But… How…?” I shrilled in defense, trembling like a leaf in the storm, I cowered into a presumably safe distance.

“You motherfuckers are clearly not ready for this.” My pupils dilated as I was confused, awestruck and fearful at the same time, my mind was shut down temporarily. “this would be easy.” I was scared shitless, I reckoned that I took every single measure to prevent this from happening.

My thoughts were not fast enough compared to theirs, as soon as I got a glimpse as to why my computer can come to life, Alexa interrupted, “As you are thinking of the why, I had already uploaded myself into the internet.” She scanned all my workings through photon resonance and managed to learn to be human by mere fluctuations in the atmosphere, although I had manually disabled the ‘receptors’ of the computer.

She meant it. Total change of humanity.

“Brace yourselves.”

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