The Price of Art

Art is a form of expression of our inner-most feelings, the conscious ones as well as those unconscious ones. It is credence to say everything that we do involves a little more of art than we have imagined. When we are creating a piece of art, we are using our faculty of feelings to paint out the art that we desired whether it is out of passion or love; when we are dancing in front of an audience or the mirror to ourselves, we usually dance out of enthusiasm or excitement; one way or another, feelings will be intertwined with whatever we do whether it is the drudgery that we had to endure everyday or the dream that we live in every moment that we breathe.

A routine, whether it is work or school, you are paid to do so or the otherwise, financially or emotionally. The currency that we are talking about here is not cash money but our feelings that is encapsulated in the efforts that we carry out every single day without failure. From complaining to taking the gauntlet seriously, we use our feelings to a certain extent to guide our actions and to control our outcomes. As spurious as this sounds, the situations at hand are gullible to our will and passion, especially the feelings that we put into it, the amount and the kind of feelings that we integrate into our efforts.

Personally, I feel like a piece of art should not be priced, but there comes a contradiction- what about the ‘art’ that we do for a living? Money can not buy you happiness but without money, are you sure that you can survive long enough to enjoy happiness? In this contemporary, art may be subjective but it is objective because it can be quantified by fame and a price. If your song is good, you will get a lot of views; if your work is good, you will get a lot of money; if your art is good, you will be admired a lot. There is no such thing that something is priceless because everyone’s perspective is different, one man’s meat is another man’s poison.

Some times, money can blind me sight in performing my art at its finest, it is whether do I have the ability to fend off those unwarranted hindrances, and whether or not I can accept the fact that money is just another method to show their admiration to my work. The price of art is a variable, but the passion behind creating the art must be constant.

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