this is an act

a balancing act
of life

doing this,
doing that;
rushing here,
rushing there.

“ain’t you tired?”

“don’t do so much.”

the voices around me
sounding out of
my body, my soul,
the people around me.

i know

i know
this is tiring

i know
i might lose track
about keeping myself alive.

deep down
i know
what i am doing now
is good.

life is not life
if i feel comfortable
even for a second

if i feel comfortable
that just means that
i am in my comfort zone
a stagnancy
a state of death in progress.

there is a force
that keeps me going
asides from God
is passion.

i am doing what i love
but i feel tired

in my mind
i want to do more
but my body
just could not

“you are what you think”

i just need to believe
that i am capable of more

i just need to be accustomed to it
the life that i am leading now.

looking left
looking right
this is just an act.

my whole life is just an act.

an act where
it keeps advancing

my story needs to go on
this is not the time to stop.

even when i feel tired
i just gotta grit,
steer my mind with belief.

my life is upside down.

sit down.
think about why it is as such.

i am making it upside down.

there is nothing else that
contributes to this negativity.

it is me

i am in control.

i chose my phone
i chose temptations
i chose to waste my time

i need to change
i must.

the problems
are the same.

it is just how fast
i can recover from all the shit
that i had been through before.

this is an act
my life is an act.

it is time for the next scene
and i am still at the beginning.

i need to catch up.

i am in control.

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