2500 words

What a week it had been, it was a crazy but fun idea to be ‘mass producing’ what I love- I wrote around 2500 Chinese calligraphy words in a week. That was exhilarating, a fantastic experience.

My work load was getting a little out of hand and I undertook this task of completing requests of the following:

Single word
Spring Connect

100 spring connect (each has 14 words)
100 horizontals (each has 4 words)
100 single words (each has 1 word)

(for company)

20 spring connect (each has 14 words)
20 horizontals (each has 4 words)
20 single words (each has 1 word)

(for cell, family and relatives)

10 spring connect (each has 14 words)
10 horizontals (each has 4 words)
10 single words (each has 1 word)

(for friends)

Total: 2470 words.

I have been writing Chinese calligraphy for 7 years, and this year I have chosen to give out as many as I could to the people I know and I do not know. Hopefully, this will be a blessing to the many whom had received my gift. Writing Chinese calligraphy is my passion and I do not charge it.

My average speed of producing one spring connect is 5 per hour, so this entire process took me approximately 26 hours to finish writing, not including the wrapping procedure. The packaging part took me another 10 hours or so, but my mother did help me out on that, so shout out to her for giving me a helping hand. I was so stressed out during that week because my schedule was filled to the brim and I had this challenge on hand, so I really do thank my mother for lending me some help.

The 100 sets of paper were paid by my company so another thanks to the company for giving me a chance to produce this many Chinese calligraphy. I really do appreciate the opportunity to do this.

There was a part where I went airplane mode and shut off, just letting my instincts- inner art form- take over, I did produce some magnificent pieces, but they were all given out already. But, it was tiring physically, rewarding spiritually.

How many shall I do next year? 1000? Probably. See first.

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