Patrolling, a routine for us in the depths of the nights where silence, darkness and the resplendent moon light shone into us as we drove around the suburban areas, some covered in thick forests. Occasionally, we turned on the blue signals at the top of the car for fun and just to scare the shit out of delinquencies or misdemeanors.

As we entered the final round of the patrolling, the boughs of trees welcomed us as we entered the more eerie forests where uncanny phenomena happened. I was behind the wheel, my day was long, so I cruised through the forest without thinking too much, I could not afford to, I craved for my bed, badly. My partner was fast asleep at the passenger’s seat.

A petite figure caught the corner of my eye, it was a little child, standing singularly in the middle of nowhere, lost in the night. I woke my partner up, pointing out that the little child was alone in this forest. We immediately turned on our blue sirens, illuminating the darkness with our presence. As we were approaching the little child, I stopped the car right beside the little child.

I got down from the car, letting my guard down indefinitely. Tick. I heard a faint sound, disregarding its beckoning. “Where are your parents, little girl?” she reciprocated with a shrug and a sense of being lost. I continued with questioning her, “Do you know how to get home?” Another shrug from her. Tick.

Kneeling down at her arm’s level, I asked another question, “Are you lost?” the same response. I scrutinised the tiny figure as the blue lights deluged my sight. Tick. My intuition twitched as I noticed there was a red light beeping faintly at her heart. Curiosity crept into me as I reached out for the little girl.

Carefully, I gently revealed that it was an automated C4, ready to detonate anytime. Scrambling to my feet, I cowered backwards, “OPEN THE DOORS!” I shrilled into the night. The intermittent beeping got more intense, “OPEN THE FUCKING DOORS!” My partners reacted nonchalantly whilst I was scared shitless.

“We… we need… to get the fuck outta here!” I was panting breathlessly as panic attacked me mercilessly. Revving up the engines, I rammed on the oil pedal as hard as possible, wanting to flee myself from the explosion zone.

“What in the actual fuck happened?” my partner was still not in the know.

I kept driving. “That fucking kid is a C4!” asserting myself. “I alm…”

Tick. Tick. Tick…

Both of us turned back to see that the little child was smiling maliciously into our eyes while strapped with enough explosives to blow up an entire building. “Fu…”


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