not how, but when. (February Goals)

Started the year off with a burning passion to get my life straight, but my fire dwindled away into dust that held no significance or whatsoever. I reckoned that I kept myself going for the first week, and then everything turned ugly. My life was flung with another challenge, a fully-packed schedule from work.

The thing was, I needed time to get used to it, so I had to sacrifice what I envisioned to do for the month in order to keep up with the workload that I have willingly undertaken.

Lethargy did set foot into me, and I stopped blogging for a week because I did not have any more energy to sit down and concentrate on blogging, I did not have the time.

Bullshit. Total crap. I got by that week and managed to fit myself back into what I do that makes my life feel more essential. Time is up, I need to get my shit together, and brace for the next wave of challenges in life.

In the past month:

I did not run.

I did not read.

I did not engage with other bloggers.

I did not do Maths.

I did not take care of my screen time. (with an average of 5 hours per day.)

I worked.

I got closer to God.

February Goals:


Remember, I have a marathon in half a year’s time, start working!


Knowledge will never fall from the sky, pure knowledge and exposure of life is a prerequisite. Read more, experience is not enough by itself; read more, gain more.


I need to up my game, my productivity level desperately needs a boost. I must put down my temptations and focus on the things that matter only. No time to waste, anymore.

Screen Time.

No more Youtube, no more Instagram, no more Twitter. I need to get a better grasp over my life, I must not let them continue to reign supreme over my time, mine. Not saying strictly no them, but I really need to divert my effort into other more important stuffs rather than all of these.

Less Sugar.

I have been drinking way too much Starbucks, soft drinks, Tealive, and many more sweet sweet drinks because of having a sweet throat. No more, or else diabetes will knock on my door sooner or later.

One Short Story.

It is in my head, I just needed time to get it out.

Walk Closer to God.

Another month, another set of challenges. I foresee a lot more coming in my life, and I am more than ready to embrace them with open-arms. This is the time that I can afford to risk my assets to grow better.

“Sleep earlier, eat more greens, exercise.”

Easier said than to be done. This is basically how to live healthily and making sure I am energised throughout the hustle.

Thank God.

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