the quality of Being

being present,
in the present.

being here,
being there,
it is just about
showing up,

your body might be there,
but what about your mind?
are you there?

skimming through the faces
that just meet once a year,
more than that.

some things are not right
why are blood-related people
felt even more distant than
those who are not?

i am just curious
i do not care much
but perhaps something must
have gone wrong
some time.

being there
just to enjoy the dinner
not knowing
what to talk about,
what to ask about,
what to chat about.

maybe we are just related
by blood,
not by worlds.

my mind was at rest,
the others
locked in the pixelated screens.

the perennial loop,
cannot run away from this.
have to live with it.

because even if i cannot
get along with the people close to me
how can i go to places further than this
and expect myself to get close to people
when i cannot get close
to the people close to me.

being there is one thing,
being here is another.

do not keep being
for the sake of being,
be the being,
live the being.

Craving for more? Down below:
shattered, tattered
not how, but when. (February Goals)
2500 words
quit bitching, start doing.

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Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

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