waiting for peach blossoms to bloom.

Sauntering mindlessly through the shopping mall that was fully furbished Chinese New Year decorations- mostly red-and-golden themed- orchestrated by the jolly festive songs that jived in flawlessly with the festivity. My phone heavy in my pocket, my heart was absent even with my family and relatives, my mind was somewhere else.

Reaching the restaurant, an all-you-can-eat buffet, I shifted my attention into eating. Nothing more than food. Everyone had a topic to talk about, but me, I am quite the introvert and most of the people do not have a conversation with me. I found solace in food and people not talking to me as I was lethargic and seeking for a peaceful space within the ‘noise’.

Although I was not in the mood, I should not feel as such. As I looked around, I thought my family and my relatives were chatting, but they were hooked up to their respective phones, some of the older ones just found their comfort in silence also, so most of us were awkwardly enjoying our food.

As my mind strolled through the gallery of thoughts in my mind, I was grateful that I had a peace of mind after the hustle and bustle. However, just catching a mere reminder that I would be going back to the breathless life made me even more grateful with the repose that I was granted.

Familiarity struck as I snuck out my phone to glance through the greetings and a particular message- more like an invitation. I was still making the choice inside my head, I did not want too much to clutter up my mind. A figure passed by me, she was in pink, I did not make a move but ate quietly.

Recorroborating with myself, I sensed that it was definitely her, I knew her radiance even from a distance.

you there? a simple text. eating?

I slipped my phone back into my pocket, knowing that I would not get a quick reply. Simply getting back home without any high expectations.

yes. why?

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2500 words
quit bitching, start doing.

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Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

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