Nothing more American than this book, I had a tough time reading this book as I failed to comprehend the intrinsic meaning of each section of this book. This is a compilation of American shorts from the 80s which peered into the lives of normalcy- adultery, alcoholism, vices and enigmas- spelling the word America.

Although Carver’s delivery in his writing is succinct and short, I could not catch the gist of what he wanted to talk about in a swoop, perhaps my comprehension skills are not there yet or he did a poor job in presenting his ideas. I do not appreciate the way that he wrote his short stories.

Carver also wrote some kinky shit that humans had and have, the weird relationships that we entangled ourselves with, the uncanny encounters that we had, and everything along those lines. It was as if watching a carnage happened in small individual worlds around us.

3.5/5, definitely will not recommend you to read this book if your comprehension level is low, or else you would end up like me, only getting bits and pieces of the book.

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waiting for peach blossoms to bloom.
the quality of Being
shattered, tattered
not how, but when. (February Goals)
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