The Chemist by Stephenie Meyer (Book Review)

This was my first lengthier book after a few months of light reading, this was somewhat heavy but not as much weight as I expected. The book was a fun, gripping read. The fact that it was un-put-down-able already beaten an average book. Stephenie managed to utilize every small detail in her writings, even the smallest detail meant more than its weight.

The language used and the tonality of the novel is on-point and got most of the flow, although I had to re-read two parts of it due to my fatigue. There was not enough chemical reaction happening in the story, literal chemical action scenes, at least come out with a more brutal way to deliver the chemical scenes.

fear of loss, fear of having because that made the loss possible.

This line resonated in me the longest, I love how the author managed to string a line of events, significant and insignificant, in a brilliant manner in order to exude the intrinsic meaning of this line.

The way Stephenie handled her characters too were impressive, she did not cause any unnecessary deaths or whatsoever, she made every things she wrote count in order to make a good impression to her readers.

4/5, a well-thought out book but can be better in terms of action-wise- romantic or story-pacing wise.

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