love so simple

The somnolent gaze of the moon peeked through the window panes of the dimly lit living room where I sprawled across the sofa, lying lazily after a routine schedule of work. Jane was not home yet. Thousands of possibilities shot through my mind as I shut myself down with the time on the wall- 8.03 p.m. She was overseas at the moment for a turning point of her life.

Heaved a sigh, thinking that it is still early for anything to happen, perhaps I was early. We did exchange simple Valentine’s text during lunch break due to our time differences, our careers did not allow us to have much time together for almost half a decade. Most of the special occasions, we had to make time to be with each other, although that is how relationships work, there are times that we forgot about a simpler kind of love. Valentine’s did not make it into our special occasions list, so I surmised that this was going to be a good early night’s sleep for me.

My heart twitched as I heard the familiar footsteps approaching the door as it sprung open after a few clicks of the lock. I got up instinctively as she flicked open the lights, exuding her beatific radiance in the vicinity. “Surprise!” she held up both hands in the air, one holding packets of Chinese food, another holding a bouquet of roses enveloping a heart-shaped box of Godiva chocolates, sandwiching her joyous countenance that could even overwhelm the fairest angel in the heavens. A ball of warmth gushed through my veins as our eyes interlocked for this unprecedented time. It was enigmatic, nothing too complicated, but it was some feeling so simple that even I failed to recognise- love.

“Why aren’t you responding?” she slammed the door closed as she strode seductively into my direction, seeking solace within our worlds.

My heart was pounding like a runaway horse, “I… jus…” stuttering, heightening the intensity of the scene. She put down the things in her hands and pursed my lips singularly with her right pointer as she pulled our mouths entangled with each other. I ventured into the terrains that were intimate to me even when distance tried to do us part, she sailed smoothly through mine as we searched for each other as if two loving souls met after a long hiatus.

She pulled the brakes ever so suddenly, even my heart skipped a beat with a premeditated thought, “Here’s your flowers…” her lips induced an intrinsic voice as I received them nonchalantly, “Do you love them?” she slurred as she wrapped her hands around me once again, I laid the flowers aside.

“Absolutely.” with a tinge of impatience in my tone, “I bet you are hungry…” I pulled her into my embrace, her breath against mine, uniting two distant hearts into a singularity with zero distance. Our heartbeats synced as we sped off into a world only known to us where we could be together, being passionate about one another, rippling the regolith of our bedrocks, making it a good night.

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