do or do not, there is no try.

The sun overhung above me, shining mercilessly on me, scorching the air that I breathed. I was heaving heavily as I reached my 3rd km mark, my body was shouting out for me to quit, to take a rest, and to stop running. Stopping was never an option for me because once I stopped for a while, I would not even get back up to run at all.

Huff… Puff… Huff… I’m… so… tired… 

Pain was spreading out throughout my body, insidious. I was not in control of my body anymore, I wanted to let go of myself and rest for the day.

“Hey!” A few generous pats were sent to my back, “Keep on running!” my running partner gave a nudge, more like a prompt. “You can do this.” without even breathing hard.

I was impressed by his stamina and grit, pulling this through like a cinch. “Ok.” I reciprocated and kept on with his pace. Huff… Puff… Huff… The sun was not toning down a single bit, it just got hotter by the moment, elevating the toughness of the run.

Prickling pain began to make its way into my veins, urging me to stop indefinitely.

I stopped. “Why did yo…”

“I… jus…” I panted breathlessly.

“Why can’t you? You have been like this for a few weeks. Just running sub-par.” he was getting furious, “it is like doing a chore, isn’t it?”

I nodded in assent, realising that I was not clear with my direction at all. “Bu…”

“No buts. Do or do not, there is no try.” he was agitated. My mind was twisted in knots of denial of getting up anymore, “How long do you want to wait? There is no point in waiting, you are wasting my time and yours.”


I wanted to respond but he interjected, “Get your fucking head straight! Do you want to finish a marathon?” I shook my head, “What the fuck man? You are telling me all the time we spent running will go the fucking drain? I can’t accept it, at all.” His face turned red instantaneously.

My mind was overwhelmed by fatigue and lethargic, I could not think properly, my head was all over the place. Remember. A voice rang inside me.

“Come on. Let’s head…”

“No…” he was shocked, “Continue running.”

He pulled me up, and we ran.

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