Like A Child

Inquisitiveness basked the field in the evening when the russet crimson contoured across the skies as well as the grass where two little children were frolicking in their imaginative world. They were innocent, younger than most of us, chasing each other like there were no tomorrow and worries.

One of the boys pointed to the sporadic clouds’ formations and blurted out, “John, look at the dragon flying!” both of them stopped running around, standing in awe, staring into the infinite skies overhung above them.

“Cool!” John paused, “Look to your right, Jack! There is a doughnut!”

“I think it has chocolate frosting on it. So yummy!”

“Ye…” John fell back unto the grassy ground, feeling a little wearied after a long session of playtime. “So… comfy…” he purred as Jack did not take notice of him, Jack just stood there singularly for a long moment.

The brightness in the vicinity entered into a decrescendo, welcoming the youth of the night. As the sun slowly waned into non-existence, Jack was still spellbound to the grandiose of Mother Nature, John did not want to break the silence.

“Where am I?” Jack frantically spun around, panicking. “What is this place?” There was something different happening to Jack, he was not being himself. John was more confused than fearful to Jack’s uncanny actions. “Who are you?” Jack pointed at John sternly with his pointer.

“I’m John!” John reciprocated, “Are you trying to play ‘loss’ with me again?”

Jack was spiraled into a million questions, as it was Jack from twenty years into the future whom was occupying the physical body at the moment. The night was not getting any younger, Jack attempted to recall his childhood memories.

“Nevermind, Jack.” John nudged Jack, “Look at the skies, what do you see?”

Jack was still not recovered from his confusion, “I… don’t know…” stammering in a queasy manner.

“You see, there is a unicorn jumping over the moon!”

This is absurd, Jack thought. What is this crazy dream…? 

As both the thoughts and the sound of the world trailed off, the future Jack returned to his reality whereas the children continued with the adventures only built in their imagination, using the world around them as an avenue to act them out.

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“align me, i want to fly.”
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love so simple


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Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

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