Losing Momentum to Inertia

Momentum is the product of mass and velocity. Without one of the components, we would have zero momentum, and thus succumbing to the adversaries or obstacles flung to us by life. Inertia is a tendency of doing nothing or to remain unchanged. Losing momentum to inertia is laudable in our lives as we have the propensity to take a rest that may last for too long, so long that inertia overtakes our lives, resulting into a state of remaining unchanged or not moving at all.

Comfort zones are associated with taking a rest. Often when we have chosen to take a rest, we might not want to achieve more by doing more as our mind, body and soul have slipped into a state of not wanting to move anymore. That is detrimental to our growth in various facets of life, ranging from spiritual to physical to mental because we might tend to stay at rest as inertia has stated. It is a cinch to be comfortable with whatever we have whilst it is difficult to get out of that state of mind in order to gain more for life. However, we may forget that if we ever stop improving and learning in life, we will move backwards in the progress of life, deteriorating into a state of not having any momentum in life. Thus, we might have been treading on the same ground without even realising that we are moving backwards with time.

Conformity is another state where momentum is absent as we are in a state where we would just follow wherever the society brings us. It is undeniable to say that we have great tendencies for falling deep into the loop of conformity where we just blindly follow what the society or the community or the family wanted us to do. This signifies that person is an empty vessel that knows nothing about thinking for himself and letting other people puppeteer him with a paycheck or something less rewarding. Even so, there are people who are shanghaied into conformity due to poverty. Nevertheless, there are people filled with dreams but they lack not the compassion to do so but the money to fulfill it. Money can solve money problems which constitutes a whooping 90 percent of our daily ‘problems’. People who conform for no apparent reason or even with a reason, hold on to the fact that you are still alive, having your own will to change your life, and never let your mind falter in the face of conformity and life challenges.

I have rested for too long, and I conformed. I just did whatever the norm meant for me. The bare minimum was what I did and that kept me afloat for quite some time, even having enough time for my body to not want to move anymore. Wake up! I have to wake up, this is not going to last forever, I might be thrown out of my routine into a brand new environment, why not make the best of what I have now until it ceased to exist.

Losing momentum to inertia is a problem that we all face or faced. Nonetheless, it is very terrifying until you realised that you have successfully fall into inertia. Move! Get your ass out of your couch and start moving!

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