How to Build Momentum

Falling down in life is inevitable and the chances of people getting up are never on the bright side. Life is never a bed of roses and we should never underestimate the repercussions of losing momentum completely. If we were to lose momentum to life or to comfort or to conformity, we must know how to build momentum even if it is twice as hard to do so compared to the first time as we need to piece back broken pieces first, only then we can use them to build momentum.

1. Go to God for His directions.

God is the unwavering sign-post that is going to be there all the time, pointing at the right direction for you. His ways are never wrong and always right, if you feel like you are in the pit of nadir as you are reading, perhaps you should change your perspective on a certain issue that is bothering you- your growth, your world, your everything.

2. Purpose your heart.

Having a sense of direction of where you are going is crucial in this rat-race society. It is credence to say that most people have the speed but lack the direction which will result to a spurious velocity, leading to a momentum that is going nowhere. Set your heart right, give it a purpose so that it can shoot for the stars.

3. Make the hard choices.

If you feel like dropping a habit like scrolling through your phone every now and then, do it! If you feel like this group of people are toxic to your life even you feel like they are the most important people to you, get out of it! If you feel like getting pass your addiction, get out of it! If you feel like stepping out of your comfort zone, do it!

Or else, you will be consumed by the loss choices that you failed to make, and be consumed by eventuality to conform into this society that we are living in, the banality of life.

4. Know you have a destiny.

Everyone is destined to do something. You are placed at this place, at this point in time, are all for specific reasons that is difficult to decipher using the human’s naked eye. No matter how high or low you feel your life is, remember you have a destiny that is yet to be fulfilled, look no further than inside you.

5. Keep moving.

MOVE! Just move your ass out of what you are lazing around! Time is never waiting, move while you can. Rest is to restore for a further journey is an undeniable fact, but do not let it consume you into a sedentary lifestyle, until then it is more than trivial to move.

6. Step forward to faith.

Have a little faith in yourself! No matter what decisions you make, put some good ol’ faith in it as the semantics of the good and the bad is decided entirely by your faith in doing so. If you have faith that you can achieve something, no mountains are too high for you and no seas are too deep for your heart to surmount.

7. Build on previous victories.

Darkness is never your only companion, look pass them and realise that you also have a bright side, an exuberance that only you have. Build on them, do not falter and never dwell on them for too long. Make them your catalyst by not overusing them.

8. Make a commitment to finish.

A war that is not win by the heart is never won in reality. Set your heart right and make a commitment that will not falter even in the deadliest storm. Everything is up in your mind- mind over matters- is laudable as long as we have the grit and the limitless endurance in giving ourselves fully into doing something in order to finish it.

9. Invest in momentum – movement of God.

If you have read through all the positive vibes that are in the above texts without spitting at those writings, then good for you. Or you have just simply scrolled down to see the conclusion of this piece, good for you too. Or you have endured through the disgusted thoughts that you have for my writings, good for you also.

It is entirely my choice to write like this, as well as my life. If you want to make a change, act like you want to do so. If you want to live a happy life, be positive and have a little faith. Do not feel uncomfortable of the fact of being positive about life, this will drive you even deeper into the unconscious being of you being fed up of being alive.

What do you mean by being alive? You might ask. I do not have a definite answer for that. And I am still searching high and low for the answer. However, I do have a clear heart and mind that I am living at the greatest times. I want to live this life by looking at a diversity of perspectives and implying positivity to the world around me and the world that I live in.

The world is already filled to the brim with the cries of the devils. No matter how hard life throws you down, you get back up and build the momentum to go where life leads you.

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