Blood was dripping down my chin as I stood wobbly with a beaten-up body, I was at my limits as my vision started to swirl into a blurry tango. The opponent was laying flat right in front of me, not just the previous one, the recent ones were there too, heaving nothing but a waste of space.

As I lifted my head to skim through my surroundings, a sucker punch was flung straight into my face, knocking my consciousness out of place, Another fighter? I thought. There were no rules in this ring, anyone could appear in the ring to challenge you and nobody would bother picking up the corpses in the ring. I had to stabilise myself quick. Another punch was thrown into my stomach, it felt metallic.

My gaze was transfixed on the new opponent standing right in front of me. It was me. A malicious reflection of mine stood singularly in front of me. I was wearied to the bone but a shock was sent down my spine. He was nimble, a barrage of punches was dealt into me, I did not even have the effort to defend, I gracefully accepted the agonizing pain.

I was knocked down to my knees unto the cold hard ground. Time was not even given to me for a brief repose. A back-heel acrobatic kick swung me into the corpses. I needed to give a response, but an uncanny firmness gripped my limbs, casting me immovable. A voice rasped in the stale air, “finish him.”

The dark reflection of me did not even flinch a second, he resumed with his ferocious set of kicks. His intention was to silence me up, killing me in another sense. I looked around the vicinity of the blood-bath, I thought, I have come so far… I have defeated so many people… perhaps it is time for me to… admit defeat by falling flat on the ground. I was hanging unto a gossamer thread to existence, and a deafening punch was sent deep into my system, rendering the rest of the other punches numbing.

“If you do not defeat him now, more will come, and there is no running away.”

I pieced myself together despite of this shitstorm, found an opening which rarely happened, I spat into his direction, blinding his temporarily, creating myself an opening. He did not have time to react as I punched him as hard as I could muster.

I… cannot… fall… now…

I pounced to life as to deal the coup de grace to my dark reflection, but I was held back by a towering figure who was beaten up into a bad shape by me previously. Fear tinged my lungs as I was flung across the ring, bumping into another dexterous figure.

“Fuck.” I breathed as my face was rammed against the floor. I completely lost myself for a split second, my head went blank as another figure picked me up and slammed me across the ring, I was being tossed around like a rag-doll, lifeless.

More and more previous opponents were getting up. I was overwhelmed by the advent of so many opponents. I was petrified. They were set to slaughter me mercilessly. I was the prey. I was doomed.

MOVE! The inner voice inside me squeaked. I did not want to die yet.

They were charging into my directions, covered in blood, as I dodged their attacks from the left to the right. Another, two more contenders entered the ring, making it a chaos.

I had lost count about the people that I had to face. But, I kept my cool and sprang back into action, beating the living shit out of them and out of me.

This was just how the ring worked, nothing made sense, at all. Grueling but intriguing.

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