Selling Away My Birthright.

Everyone is blessed with the prerogative to choose and to determine their future paths. You can be doing things that you have in mind if you can just do it; you can be with the one that you desire if you can just make a move; you can be at places that you want to be if you can just make your way there; it is all up in the mind, not in the physique.

Take out your phone… Subconsciously, the voice had spoken, tempting me to cast myself away again, Waste more time… you have nothing else better to do… Without any hesitation, I whipped out my phone, blindingly swipe through miles with my finger, passing by half an hour, then an hour, another one. I was carried away by my momentum, rushing into the wayward direction, fast.

Drifting further away from what I was supposed to be doing, I found myself lost within my delirious ecstasy, slipping far apart from reality, almost parting ways with me. Coming to my senses immediately after days of being astray, the first thing I did was to cry over spilled milk- wasted time. I was overreacting to myself, being sorry too many times to me.

It’s too late. Stop being sorry for you. I did not listen at all, the voice above me vanished as my lackadaisical attitude kicked in, knocking me senseless again for the things that I want in life. I was lost in myself, once again. Blaming the skies and the earth about everything and anything, this life was tarnished by the mishaps shaped by my very hands.

“Why are you keep contemplating about the past?”

“Why are you still dwelling in the past mistakes?”

“Why are you…”

I think I should get out of my comfort zone or my past self quick, I need to learn to stop sucking myself up and drown in my own consciousness.


If I keep this up, the pace of sullying me, the rhythm of escaping reality, I would indirectly be trading away my birthright, my blessings and my choices. I really need to wake the fuck up and be worthy and righteous. 



blessed. 110319

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