Too Good To Be True

The tinge of the russet skies dawned the book store at the heart of Kuala Lumpur. I realised that I was there for almost the whole day, indulging myself in the new-found love for suspense romance stories, oblivion to the rustlings of my surroundings. Strands of my hair draped across my eyes, I attempted to brush them away but the book that accompanied me for the day fell unto the ground.

A tanned outstretched hand reached for the book that was on the ground as I was picking up the book. There was electric sparked across our subcutaneous terrains as we briefly touched each other’s hands. My heart skipped a beat as I shifted my gaze unto his, scrutinising his burly but magnanimous demeanor, he was hanging a genuine smile across his complexion, striking my heart with the Cupid’s arrow.

We were in this awkward position where each of our hands were grabbing on to the book for a few seconds. As I was about to react, he handed me the book saying, “Here you go.” I uttered a thank you with butterflies in my stomach, “I’m also a big fan of this author…” My mind was going places when we exchanged conversations about our favourites, names and hobbies. He left as his phone rang, we bade each other goodbye. Nothing suspicious, just making a new friend- a probable Mr. Right.

Rain was pelting heavily against the veranda of the photographing spot. I refused the ride back home with my colleagues as I needed some solitude after a hard, long day. Whipping out my phone nonchalantly, almost too naturally, I opened my Twitter and tweeted about rain and my mood.

The dark clouds spiraling above me grew into a storm within seconds, I wanted to hail a ride via Grab but I knew it was too late. My mind coruscated the image of me being the chicken out of soup. But, I could not care less as my day could not get any worse- it just got better.

A silvery sedan stopped right next to me as the rain started to brew into a storm. The windows of the car wound down and I saw a familiar face inside the car. “Come in, Jane! I give you a ride home!” Without thinking twice, I rushed into his car soaked in rain as he handed me a face tower to clean up. “That’s the best I got.” he shied away as I dried myself up. I thanked him as soon I was done with drying up.

Eventually, he asked me about my day and why I was standing there alone in this harsh weather, he was worried about me in an unadulterated manner. From that point onward, my guard was completely down, I was ensconced in his warmth and care, disregarding how blindly I was in stepping into a stranger’s car that I barely even knew.

We had hearty laughs and time flew past us as we reached my place. He found a spot and stopped, quickly rushing out into the rain with his umbrella to bring me back to my doorsteps. “You should come in to have a drink.” I wanted company and he was there. The door slammed shut behind us as he revealed an unfettered smirk across his draconian face with carnal intents.

Jane @Janey 1 hr

Below attached a picture of her, posing with her blond flouncing hair, complimenting the radiance of her countenance. With her glamorous eyes and captivating gaze, my heart was captured by her. The thirst came to me in a hunch, I scoured the internet for her full profiles in all social media platforms. I was hooked to her, stalking her from day to night, and I decided my research had been done, a clever scheme should work- a coincidence made by choice.

Jane @Janey 12 m
found a book that i love. – at Borders (location)

Jane @Janey 3 m
what’s wrong with these people? quit being a bitch! 

Jane @Janey 10 m
rain, rain go away, please. 

Jane @Janey 1s

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