the dilemma of social media

Scrolling… Liking… Scrolling… Reading… Scrolling… Reacting… Scrolling… This is just repetitive, as if I am trapped in a feedback loop that never ends. Once I have finished reacting to some random post, or some updates from my friends, and then I will go from Instagram to Twitter then back and forth like never before. There are more posts to keep my attention glued to the pixelated reality, stimulating my brain to want more of these goodness derived from the act of scrolling and reacting. This ‘flawless’ cycle just never ends.

In a random morning, I had a hunch to stop using social media for two weeks in conjunction with the fasting plan that was going on for me. I told myself adamantly that I want to feel how is it like not using these platforms for two weeks. Just like this, I stopped using social media off a simple hunch. Perhaps, my subconscious me wanted to experience another kind of life that I had left behind in time for so long.

Indeed, the experience was, and still is a break free from the chains puppeteering its users, an unspeakable freedom that is more addictive than the pixelated reality revolving around me for all these times. I did not even feel like going back onto these platforms during my leisure times, not even a sliver of desire to spend one more second on them. That was how repugnant those platforms were to my system.

The two weeks was therapeutic, rejuvenating, and meaningful. I managed to regain back my lost focus that I had cultivated long ago for doing highly-focused works- Maths, writing, thinking- and I salvaged my loss passion to observe people around me. The upside of this experience was that I did not even think twice about whipping out my phone to check any status or whatsoever, I just wanted to live at the moment out of the unending loop of the pixelated reality that I had been locked in for a couple of years.

Two weeks were never enough, I decided to continue this way of life for me, for the betterment of my personal growth. I had given too much of my attention and my time for other people’s life, a couple of years, I think that is more than enough of my life wasted over others.

I let myself on a fortnightly update in those various platforms, but I had no desire at all to see those stuffs anymore. A mental burden has been lifted away from me as I distant myself from these platforms, I have no desire to be bombarded by superficial details of another’s life. It is a release for my very soul, a break free from the pixelated reality, no more strings attached.

Thank you, Twitter, Instagram for letting me know that my time, my effort and my attention are worth more than spending them on you.


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