Shrinks: The Untold Story of Psychiatry by Jeffrey Lieberman & Ogi Ogas (Book Review)

An interesting insight of the annals of psychology. This book dwell deep into the history of the doctors for mental illness, minute and detailed story line-up that explains how this industry had been stigmatized and now being one of the frontiers in keeping the health of our mind in check.

Before the 2000s-ish epoch, most of the people just wing it with the mental illness at hand. However, there was Sigmund Freud who had given this industry of treating mental illness its backbone and basis. Nonetheless, there were only a few that had a panacea at that time and it is sad to know that people do not have access to credible, reliable sources of cure for the sickness of the brain. As time passed, Robert Spitzer managed to bring structure to this industry, cleaning up its name and redefining the 20th Century and the future of this industry.

Mental illness was and still is a stigma to the society, the book strongly emphasized on this point. Before the 2000s, it was the fallacy of medicinal and psychoanalytic treatments that promulgated a bad name for treating mental illness. After the 2000s, it is the society that stigmatized the appearance of mental illnesses when there exist methods and approaches that cures mental illnesses. The book mentioned prominent figures or any member of the society did not want to be classified as having mental illness, it just makes an individual look ‘bad’.

Why is it when the brain gets sick, no one gives a cure to it? Instead of ridiculing it to every level possible? What a world we live in…

Overall, 4/5, definitely will recommend this book to anyone who is interested to venture into the field of mental illnesses- psychology, psychiatry. Or else, anyone who is interested to learn more about mental illnesses, please do read it.

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