Nine Hours Apart…

Pulsating with life, the beat of my heart was excited with the expectations of meeting her across the vast sea of distance after for a long time. I was prepared for the eight-hour flight with my sturdy companion- a book. Time was fluttering the pages of my book as I checked in and boarded the plane nonchalantly, knowing that the feelings in my heart would not be subdued if I did not do anything else which would result in wasted time.

Although the chapters of the book flew by as time went by, vivid images of us coruscated the vacant mind of mine. All I could imagine is how we could spend our time together; how we could be with each other; how we be in the presence of on another; how we are, together.

Eight hours passed by just like that. I finished my book. The rest of the time left was to stare at the surroundings, observing people and the atmosphere around me. Winter just breezed through the lands of the rising sun, I felt the frigid air against my lips, signifying that this harsh weather could not get any better than this.

I got my luggage, went to the meeting point that was appointed by you as I was not familiar with the place. Throngs of people were rushing to places that I would never know, all sorts of emotions were painted across the sea of peoples, the most prominent ones were smiles and happiness that was rarely seen, probably it was just my ignorance since this season is when the long lost is found by serendipity or intent.

Grasping my jacket for warmth, I skimmed through the crowd like an anxious little boy waiting for someone, special. People around me got to meet the ones they were yearning for, I was still standing singularly in the midst of the hustle in the shuddering winter. I knew I had to be patient, I have to. I was slightly early, I knew the time, that was why I had to wait.

Portraits of her crossed my mind, and she was right in front of me, her radiance was white as glittering snow, she was still the one that I knew after who knows how long. This might be one of the last times that we spend time together… I simply pushed away the thoughts and enjoyed every moment that I had with her.

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