Hear the Wind Sing by Haruki Murakami (Book Review)

Another Murakami book from me, but this time I read one of his first novels- more like a novelette. The book started with a prologue of how Murakami started off his career, some of the elements there were covered in his other works. As usual, he has this nonchalant and light way of delivering the thoughts inside his head.

The story began with his youthful days and resumed randomly to his days when he got married. Do not get me wrong, he actually married first, then worked only after that he managed to somehow finish his studies. What a unconventional life that Murakami led in this contemporary society, furthermore, he was living at Japan at that point in time.

He went for a get-away in a small town, met with Rat (one of his close friends at that time) and got close with the bartender of the town. After that, he told stories about his friendship with Rat and how Rat despised the rich life that he had. Murakami also depicted three of his relationships that he got into at that point in life which was in the range of 16 to 23 years old.

Something even more random happened, he bumped into a woman who had an abortion before and almost had a relationship with her. Murakami would fit in some of his references into the story.

3.8/5. A good book overall. I would have given this book a lower rating but after reading until the end, only then I realised the contents in the book that he wanted to present is in-line with his title- as erratic as the sounds of the wind. What a genius Murakami is!

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