A Trap Called Life

What is life? A simple rhetorical question that we ask ourselves every time that we need to. Most of us wander around in this realm of life without any definite purpose; most of us live simply just to find the reason to live; most of us live for the sole hope that life is going to get better; most of us conform to the society which requires us to carry out the banalities of life; most of us are slaves to the earthly temptations.

Nights out to bars or night clubs are overrated (in my opinion). Some said it is just to have fun and enjoy life. What do you mean by that when you are intoxicated, oppressed, ‘wasting’ yourselves to the night? Think about the amount of effort, time and money put into this socializing habit that you ought to conform. What can you do if you used those precious resources of yours to sleep in early and wake up to a more productive morning, or else use them to work on more important matters in the night like a project (a book, an online business) of your own? I reckon that these drugged trends and cultures are traps purposely set up by the capitalists or the rich in efforts to constrain our will to advance in life by setting up an ‘escape’ for us to hideaway from the reality.

Social medias are also one of the adroit schemes devised by the tech giants with the main objectives of wanting your data and your time spent on their platforms just to garner more income. It is undeniable that social medias make us more connected than ever, granting us endless opportunities to expand our horizon, and browsing information with more efficiency than ever. However, every roses have its thorns, the time that you have spent on those platforms are often when you have successfully fallen into the feedback loop that they have created- by letting you dropping into a rabbit hole of videos or stream-lining you to be reading ‘baseless’ posts or get you into joining an online feud- all these share the same motives as I initially stated- to get your data and your time spent. Why more data? It is helps them to ease up the target of ads by the advertisers who have paid them to the audience. Why more time from you? It is to make sure the ads run by the advertisers who have paid them are being ‘reached’ or ‘engaged’. In other words, the tech giants managed to create a loop where your time, money and data are being circulated around cycles after cycles with an extra funnel to the tech giants’ pockets.

People who spent too much time thinking but not doing also have the propensity to fall into the trap of life. We often talk about what you want to do in life, or what is your ambition after growing up. All these statements are nonsensical as we are asking the wrong questions which indubitably lead to wrong answers. What you need to ask yourselves are: What do you want to do for your life to impact the world around you? Who do you want to inspire when you are growing up? What do you want to do that will mean the most to you? Before asking these questions and let them swirl around your head for some time, you must spend time doing things that you might not want to do or you did not expect that you can do. Another way of putting it is that you must try and do with all your heart to learn and discover yourself through the randomness of life just to catch a glimpse of how you want to lead your own life. In most cases, people fall into the category where they do not know what the fuck they should do with their life due to their blindness to realise or oblivion to action- the it’s-not-my-problem-and-I-don’t-care attitude. Eventually, they turn into a fellow human conforming to, kneeling down to, the society shaped by the hands of the rich and the authorities. This transforming process never hits you even after you are dead, it is often that those who are clear with what they want in life can only perceive the trap of life. However, there are exceptions, there are times when you need to cogitate about life in order to take calculated risk to counter your situation at hand, to make decisions that can utterly change the way you live, to make sacrifices in order to retain or gain your wants or needs or both. Hence, the balance between thinking and doing must be kept in balance as a blind bull charges without direction but it heads out with intention.

Addiction is the ‘sleeping giant’ in us, often a destructive one, which comes in many shapes and sizes. For instance, masturbation, cigarettes, indulgence, self-harm, alcohol, gambling, cocaine. Based on DSM-5, addiction is regarded as ‘Substance-Related and Addictive Disorders’ and is often caused by the repetitive behavior that will constantly activate the human ‘reward’ system. People usually succumb to one form of addiction or another due to the lack of self-control and discipline. However, there is another kind of addiction which will lead most of the people into the trap of life- the addiction of ‘comfort and pleasure’. The state of being comfortable or not wanting to move from a particular place, physically or metaphorically, due to the feeling of adequacy of necessities and wants in one’s life is what I define as being in ‘comfort and pleasure’. The poor tend to fall into this group frequently as they just barely have enough to survive their daily by doing this much, they fail to come to a turning point by thinking of how to escape the circle of poverty most probably because they either have no time to think about it or they are content and ‘grateful’ of how they are now. In other cases, people are usually stuck in this phase of life where nothing seems to move and ultimately they are happy at how it is. Some of them choose to not realise there are broader grounds for them to reach; some of them simply accepted the fact or ‘fate’ that they are either not ‘good’ enough or the ‘circumstances’ are in their way. No doubt, these are very valid arguments, but people simply forget how easy it is to give up on certain things and not starting something anew, and being desperate about something they are willing to die for is a mere catchphrase for a hero wannabe. Therefore, addiction is a good servant but a bad master, if you can control addiction to do the things that you want or make you desperate about it, then it will drive you into achieving goals after goals that you have set.

Life is a never-ending set of goals awaiting for man-kind to reach, like exploring the space, climbing the highest mountains, diving into the deepest seas, uncovering the mysteries of sciences and mathematics. There is never a time as ‘after you grow up’, we are all in the process of growing up. As we are in phase with life, growing with time, we should make the best out of every second, making it count and not living with regrets after not doing something. No one knows more about how to live life in general, all the more how to live your own life. Hence, do not let how the world around you dictate you into the person you do not want to be, start figuring out your life as soon as possible because the fleeting concept of time will hit you hard with the fact that you are going to die soon. We all will die someday, make sure when you are at your death bed, you will have good things to reflect upon and no regrets will be carried into your graves.

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