Wow… This is beyond my imaginations and the fact that I have made it this far not giving up on anything yet, indeed this is remarkable.


A big shout-out to people who read my posts although I had hiatuses here and there, major ones. It is indeed a pleasure to rekindle the fiery passion to write again. My previous milestone was hit in the last November-ish and after then my writing habits were going downhill, fast.

Before going on with updates, stories about my life and my plans about this platform, I just want to say that I hit my 3 years bloggiversary- which means this blog has been on and kicking for three years already.

Time flies. Even before I knew, time just zipped way past me.

Let me start from where I dropped off.

After my 700th post, I wrote one of my heaviest posts in a while, illustrating: MY FORM 6 EXPERIENCE: A PAIN AND A GAIN IN VAIN. (STPM). It blew up, like a shitstorm, literally and figuratively. I got tonnes of views as it was a candor and expressive post with complete anonymity in writing. However, it backfired me in the ass when the headmistress of the college actually suspended my post-college documents, saying that my words were too spiteful. No doubt, I did not hold back on that post, but I did mention that it is a super-biased writing based on my experience with total anonymity in my writing. Nonetheless, the situation was handled rather unexpectedly by us.

In December, I shared this experience verbally in my church in front of hundreds of people and to be honest, more people need to know what is happening in our education system executed by the government servants. It felt like a load had been lifted off me.

In January, I broke my limits in caligraphy, writing more than 2500 words in a week’s time.

Moving on, I worked my ass off, knowing more about working than any other stuff in my life. It was few of the most tiring months of my entire life, period. I was facing mountains of unknown stress created by myself as I did not know what to do for the most of the time and I just had to wing it for the sake of quick-joy.

It was a difficult decision to quit, I had consulted my mum and my cell members about it. Ultimately, my own principles contradicted with theirs which is why I chose to quit. I really should not write about it but this is the naked truth, I want to do other stuffs other than this.

My last day on the job was on the end of May which was when I bade good-bye to this industry. I knew I had to stop at some point and enjoy life, even the people around me told me to do so too. The world is the law of the jungle.

After that, I spent a lot of the hard-earned money to go for a vacation to Tokyo! (Taking advice from one of my cell members.) Having one of the best experiences there in my life. Might go on another trip or a mission trip sooner as there is still money left in my bank account.

Day 1: 27531 Steps From Haneda to Asakusa to Akibahara to Mt. Fuji
Day 2: 28167 Steps From Mt. Fuji to Shinjuku to Tokyo Tower
Day 3: 32703 Steps From Kudanshita to Shibuya to Yotsuya
Day 4: 29516 Steps From Tsukiji to Ginza to Odaiba

After Tokyo, an unfortunate turn took place in my life, one of my most inspiring teachers passed away- my calligraphy teacher. I grieved for a week or so, it was indeed sad and sudden. None of us expected this to happen so quickly. I had been taught by him for almost 10 years, which was why there is grief in me. Here is the post: A Loss In Time, Taken For Granted

I shifted my focus back into writing and doing Maths. So far so good. Now, I am training for a half-marathon which is going to be held next Sunday. And fuck, like hell I am ready, but I believe I can pull it off with sheer determination and pure belief that I can finish the 21 KM run in the time given (Probably 2 hours and 45 minutes-ish)

Future Plans:

1. Project Panyang.

A platform for me to share my calligraphy works, Instagram first then a blog.

2. Project Subtle.

A sub-account to share the remnant of the photos taken during my trips, Instagram and linking back to my Facebook page.

3. Restart project Hopeinterrupts.

Yes, another route to share my writing, on Instagram.

4. Finish learning Further Maths as a kick-start for university.

Phew, what an effort to do so.

5. Run a healthy lifestyle.

One too many people died in my life, I just do not want to go in a painful way, I want to die peacefully, no major sufferings, hopefully. Therefore, I have to make the choice to sacrifice my night back to sleep and my mornings to a productive run and breakfast. Probably will start meal-prepping for lunches on weekdays or even the week. Will start slow and test water.

Once again, hopefully everything will fall into place. Crossing fingers and praying hard.

Hope. Joy.. Feelings cloaked as words.

Credits to Kelvin for this stunning photo, really love his photography skills. Share some love for him on his Instagram: @key_to_kye. His photos are needless to say, breathtaking.

As for the other writers on my site, they are all busy, which is why more of me rather than other writers. Life is like that, what can I do about it?




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Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

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