We live in a society where opportunities are more open to everyone, information is more accessible to everyone, the ways of thinking are more widely acceptable by everyone, choices are more freely to be made by people.

Or is it?

Have you ever wondered why are you still doing the same old job whilst struggling to keep even yourself alive? Have you ever wondered why are the days of your life are so dreadful whilst letting only your addictions bring you solace? Have you ever wondered why are you living this life of poverty whilst everyone else is slightly better-off than you are?

Fear may be one of the main catalyst fueling our progress as human race if it is used with the right intention for the right impetus. However, fear can also be one of the dreaded downfalls of people which appears as shortcomings to our body, mind and soul that some of us even fail to recognize its forms and its adverse effects to our very lives.

Making a change in our daily routine life is an intimidating thought, even more when executing it in real life. It is credence that if people are comfortable with their situation, they would not seek for anything beyond their comfort zone, they rather stay within the construct of life that they have built for ages than to risk themselves exposing to unwarranted adversaries of life. In other words, people just like to avoid troubles rather than facing them. For instance, if a night owl attempts to wake up early in the morning as a change for their lives for the betterment of their biological needs, it would be a challenge to do so as they wanted the temporal immediate comfort of their beds more than the slow gratification that can only be cultivated through time. The fear of getting out of routine is prominent in the previous example as people are so used to a routine because routines alleviates the workload for our brains and thus making it easier to carry out our daily tasks. Therefore, the fear of change can lock us away from a breakthrough for a better life.

Falling and failing are inevitable in our lives, we are imperfect that is why we err from time to time. However, there are a number of us that are unable to accept the fact of failing and become inept in getting up to try again. Failing one too many times may hinder our mindset from trying again as our brain will normally set up a defense mechanism of ‘running away’ from the privation instead of standing up again and face it. If we are able to surmount the fear of failing, many facets of our life will be granted courage anew. The part of failing is failing to try again after failing, even if it becomes too many times to be counted. Thus, people must have the fortitude and a mind of resolution in order to ensure failing to never be an option for them.

Suffocating in your own fears that may never exist is one of the lies that we tell ourselves in different forms for most of the situations at hand if they are too strenuous based on personal contexts to solve.

“I am not born with this, I can never do it.”, “I am not made for this, I want all of this to stop.”, “I can never beat this person, he/she is too good, I can never reach that standard.”

These are the various forms of lies that we tell ourselves every single day. Just knock out of it! No one is made for something, everyone is built for something. Never let the better facades strike fear into you not trying or doing anything for the betterment of yourself. Those status created around you are built with time, effort and intention. Do not let yourself talk yourself out with fear. Instead, direct the fear into an efficacious tool acting as a springboard to your desires of life.

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