take courage

deep down

where you are
truly are
the most rudimental form of you.

it is a will,
a compassion,
a purpose, a meaning,
a purpose to bring meaning
to this world that
slowly loses its meaning.

on the surface

we are facing shit,
surrounded by temptations,
chained by realism,
within a city of glass
where most of us are blinded,
searching for meaning
in this realm of without meaning.

no one has time to stop
no one has the heart to listen
no one has the truth written by their hearts.

this is sad
seeing people chasing people
people chasing papers
people chasing status
but hardly anyone is chasing
the truth.

what is the truth?
“The truth is acting good
from a good heart
without the good intention
of a pretentious heart.”

a good intention can come from
a genuine heart and a pretentious one.

when it comes from a pretentious one,
you will feel that it is a chore to good
and therefore even more slightly
wanting to be recognised by doing good.
it is done with more good intention
than with more realness of goodness.

when it comes from a genuine heart,
you will not think too much about it
not even second thoughts,
the heart will act on its own
to be good
to do good
and disseminating the goodness
throughout your surroundings.
it does not require conscious effort,
it is an unconscious effort.

apart from the truth,
we lost touch with our meaning to give.

come to a point in life
where nothing matters anymore
existence is just a mere exercise
to keep us alive.

this is when the devil’s schemes
come into action.

we believe there is nothing wrong,
when there is nothing happening.

when the water is calm,
don’t assume there is no gators in it.

the devil is crafty at this era of modernisation
making you believe that there is nothing going on
making you believe that life is revolving around your will alone
making you believe that nothing is wrong
making you believe that there is no such thing as God
making you believe that you are safe within your zone
making you believe that there is no such thing as devil
making you believe that it is all caused by humans.

believing is a fundamental of life.

but there is a lie in every believe.

that is what the devil is weaponizing.

take courage
never silence off the voices
from beyond
learn to discern
and pray.

pray to learn.

pray to grow.

pray to love.
love to pray.

do not let you
or the devil
to take that away from you.

if so,
take courage
rid of this stagnancy
toss away this nothingness
kick away this void of oblivion.

take courage

learn to take responsibility
for the very thoughts
that bear inside you
even those of the smallest
yet unidentifiable.

take courage.

learn to think
not of the immediate
but of the bigger picture,
think of that
and what you should do.

really think

take courage


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