Solitary Loop (Part 1)

Static, pulsating with my mere heartbeat. It was surreal that I was still alive after a bullet had driven into my vitals. I pried my eyes open, welcomed by the glaring florescence of a typical interrogation room used by the higher-ups. My head was searing with pain and I felt no presence around me, part of me was glad that nothing had happened yet, another part of me was blaming myself for cheating death after the deadly wound had been healed up completely- I felt anew, never so healthy.

Strange. I thought to myself as I slowly skimmed through the surroundings, realising that I was utterly chained to a metallic chair, leaving no space to movement at all; I was also stripped naked, not a piece of cloth present; I felt a prick up my left arm, it was a needle connected to an IV drip, keeping me alive to the very least.

“John Lee, agent of MI6, what is the U.S. next move?” the voice was distorted but still tinged with a heavy Japanese accent to the core. “What do you still have for us after Hiroshima?” he attempted to rephrase the sentence.

I refused to talk, at all. My thoughts shot to finish myself by bursting the capsule hidden at my wisdom tooth. However, my whole body was paralysed top-down, even covered in metal-lined leather to hold me in a sitting position. I was unable to struggle, or even utter a single word.

Fucking hell. The whiteness right in front of me started to form some words that was exactly what I was thinking. Get out of my fucking head, you fucking cunts! The words streamed into my vision, rendered me in a panic. If they ca… I shoved the thought behind layers of thoughts. fuck I can’t think. I took a deep breath as a gesture of rebellion.

“Brute force will not work on you people.” the sinister voice was insidiously calming. “We are going to use another way to let you talk.”

A robotic arm popped up from the ceiling with an injection. This is far too advance for our time. “Is it? Tell me what will happen next?”

Fuck you.

“Well then, set him up for 3 months.” What the fuck are you injecting into my system. “Kick it up to 5.” Fucking answer me!

“See you in 30 seconds.” A blood-red timer flashed across my eyes and I went dark.

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