Solitary Loop (Finale)

The alarms blared in the control room, one of the lab men shouted, “This American is trying to overload our systems.”

A coffee drop was formed from the last filtration process. The chief took a sip from the steamy cup and replied, “Ignore it.”

“But chief, our systems will crash permanently if he cont…”

“Fuck this American.” the chief grunted and his fingers flew across the keyboard, sending John a message.


“Stop this, John.” no replies, just waves upon waves of thoughts overwhelming the system as a whole. “Stop it, we will listen to what you have to say.”


I fell back into the metallic chair and was conscious once again. BANG! A door slammed out of the appearance of the white wall. Soldiers marched in, armed to the teeth, and the last man marched in with charisma- he was perhaps the chief.

“Hey, chief.” I spoke, after the muffler was removed from my mouth, along with the cyanide capsule. The chief was shorter than an average American, lust was painted across his face, he had short limbs but a long body. He was a commander to his people, but to me he was just a prick, a spineless one.

“Speak.” he sat down as a chair formed from the ground. “You persistent American.”

03:20, I read the red timer off my vision, did some calculations in my head and was impressed by how long I managed to survive with solitude. “You motherfuckers actually learned to respect me a little.” I was amused.

“TALK!” the chief slammed the ground with his boot, sending an echoing thud that was less menacing than I thought. 03:20, the timer did not move at all, perhaps the final counter was not meant for seconds.

“What day is today?” I was trembling in fear as a sudden realization hit me.


I interjected louder, “ANSWER ME! WHAT DAY IS TODAY?” my voice spat out with pure fear.

“Thu… Thursday.”

“And the time?” I was wrestling to get myself free but only my mouth was able to move. The soldiers around me felt my fear too, it was too eminent. “Tell me the fucking time.”

“320 hours.”

I put a smile on my face. The soldiers were beyond terrified at this point. “Where is this hideout located at?”


“May God bless America.” I closed my eyes as the impact reached the underground base within milliseconds, embracing death at an instant.

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