living hope

what if…

what i want is not what i really need
but what i need may not be
what i wanted.

what if…

there is a dream in my life
where the path is already dictated
but it is out of my expectations.

what if…

life and light directs me
in a way which even I could
never understand at all.

“Ask and it will be given to you;
seek and you will find;
knock and the door will be opened to you.
For everyone who asks receives;
the one who seeks finds;
and to the one who knocks,
the door will be opened.”

in life,
there are times in which
you live for the sake of surviving
not for the sake of living
as if something has robbed
you of your authority
to live a life you love.

that something is often
flanked into your face
as a disguise
of shame
of guilt
of disappointment
of anger
of hatred
of negativity
to steer you away
from believing
from having faith
from spreading love
from passionately pursuing
from hoping
a path designated
for you.

it is times like these
where we are being tested
as human beings
as creations of God
whether we are willing to
put all of our confidence in
the living God;
whether we are willing to
put away all of our doubts in
the Grand scheme;
whether we are willing to
put forth all of our hearts in
the living hope.

life is never a smooth sailing one,
it is never a calculated one,
it more than what we could imagine.

as long as we are able
to have trust
to have faith
to have hope
in the unpredictable future
in the immediate confusing future
in the your present.

i never want to live a life
of conformity
where i tail other people
and just fall into the spiral
of a certain system

i want to breakaway
from this hideous cycle
where people live
without hope
without light
without God.

i believe there is only a way to do so
is to have confidence in God
have faith in His decisions
and never be shaken
by realism and life itself,
and never be overwhelmed
by hardships and obstacles.

it is never easy to live
to follow His will
with full confidence.

there are times
when you need to submit
and seek for Him
for strength to pull through
not for escape,
nor for entitlement.

if you ever feel lost,
if you ever feel down,
if you ever feel done,

a simple conversation with
the Father up above.
tell Him honestly,
what you are going through,
how do you feel,
how much you love Him.
ask Him fervently
for guidance
as He is the
loving parent.

have faith and believe

have full confidence in Him.

and you shall be blessed

resurrected in the living hope.

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