The intention behind this post is to share how powerful intention can be used to tap into the untapped resources in ourselves. It is imperative to start and do everything with intention as it acts as a beacon of light that guides us even when there appears to be no viable routes available in front of us.

Life is filled with choices upon choices that will define our immediate or eventual future. These choices fuel how interesting our lives would turn out to be and acts as a springboard to make the best choices out of the plethora of them. There is no such thing as a right choice as every choice will not turn out either right or wrong, it is just a matter of perspective adopted by different individuals. Nonetheless, we must make our choices count and not regret upon them, or else our mind will be tricked into an endless loop of blame.

Choices are akin to intention. If we had chosen a path with the right heart, the path will open up to us eventually and leading us to what our heart’s desire. On the same page, if we have the intention to carry out a task, no matter good or bad, the task will unwind itself in its manner. In other words, the most crucial piece of element in doing and making something happen is the intention behind. If the intention is somewhat shaken, the outcome of our actions tend to be underwhelming and vice versa.

Intention, if used wisely is a powerful weapon in our system, it can help us surmount challenges beyond our imagination, making us more pumped to search for answers, pushing us above our definitions of limits. It is of utmost importance to surrender all our efforts and actions to the driving power of intention and negate worrying as a major hindrance in our progress because worrying never solves any problems. In fact, worrying creates more problems for us as our mind have to devote more mental capacity into a wasteful emotion of worrying and tuning down the actual faculty of thoughts in resolving the situation at hand. Therefore, having a firm intention acts as a catalyst in our life in the efforts of nullifying unwarranted problems.

“Why am I stuck at this position in my workplace/life?”

“Why am I still doing what I am doing?”

“Why everything I do always fall apart?”

Often when we ask these questions to ourselves, it means that we are succumbing to the conformity of life- where life numbs our human nature to seek out for something more. If so, we either have shaken intentions or completely no intention at all in thriving in life. Trusting in God plays an important role in this myriad of problems, as we humans at times will get lost in the hustle and bustle of life. Therefore, having a belief in the heavenly power is essential in building intention for life.

In toto, intentions are more of a common sight in life. Therefore, we must do everything with intention in order to give meaning to our lives and to other peoples’ as well. Live a life with the intention to inspire people, including ourselves, as we already have enough people without any intention in life. Use intention to make our lives more interesting as well as the lives of other people.

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