The Question Is: You Want Or Not?

Life is filled with decisions upon decisions, we have to make those decisions at hand in order to proceed with our lives, not making the decision is one of the choices too. However, we often ask ourselves the wrong questions when it comes to making a decision.

“Can I do it or not?” Definitely! 

“Am I capable of doing it or not?” Of course!

These questions often pop up when you are encountering something new which you want- a job, a career, a hobby, a skill, etc. I believe that every single skill or job can be learned if you put your heart into. The fact that we are born as the same species- homosapiens- signifies that we are somehow linked with each other and capable of carrying out tasks that other human beings do. Practice makes perfect and having the intention to do something is what really matters. Therefore, the question of whether we are capable or not is just a mere response of fear of the unknown or the unexpected, answer it with a simple faith of your intention- yes.

“Am I ready for this?” Who else is?

“Have I prepared enough for this?” What is enough?

No one is ever ready or prepared enough for a certain situations. Life comes at us as it desires, never asking our permission before interrupting with our day-to-day norms. This is how life works, unexpectedly, beyond our imaginations. If we fail to recognise that is how life works, we will keep asking ourselves whether we are ready for it or not which will result into unwanted waste of energy. These questions are just another response from us, a defense mechanism to ensure that failure is out of the option as some of us fear to fail or dislike the feeling of failing and thus acting as a deterrent for us to be ready. Therefore, the only parts of us that need to be ready is our minds and our hearts, whether we are willing to commit to the task and be ready for it mentally. If worse comes to worst, just learn along the way if you really do not know, it is the heart that matters when it comes to learning which will indirectly affect your learning faculty.

“Do I have time for it?” Time is relative.

“Do I have the resources for it?” No one has.

If you ever ask these types of questions when you are facing a situation, you really need to question yourself whether the ‘it’ is at the top of your priority list. If not, there is little to less need to chase the ‘it’ as ‘it’ does not mean much to you, as so ‘it’ does not push you to do ‘it’. Up until this point, if you still want ‘it’, no matter what ‘it’ is, you must question yourself why do you want it, how will it affect your life, what will you gain from it- those philosophical questions- building a firmer foundation of your intention of what you want. Therefore, the questions above are mere hurdles to the most crucial question that you must ask yourselves before doing something.

“You want or not?”

Having the state of mind is the key element in achieving what you have set out in the first place. It is because the state of mind will drive us and pave the way for us to make things happen. No matter how incapable you feel you are, how useless you think you are, how blind you see your paths, our mind and heart will guide us through and through- like a miracle- to the thing that you want, regardless of the circumstances.

You just need to believe.

Believe in yourself.

Make plans, and believe in them to work.

Practise, and believe that hard work pays off.

Ask people, ask God for directions. Believe in God about what is right for you.

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