21 Lessons for the 21st Century by Yuval Noah Harari (Book Review)

My first impression of this book is that people in this contemporary have no clue about what they are living for and what they are living in. Humans are slowly devoured by the exponential growth of biotech and infotech. When we are still struggling to get a pass in our old, archaic education system, big corporations are already working on hacking your biochemical senses in order to capture more of your attention for the formation of Big Data in order to cash in more profit for their respective organisations.

As I mentioned about our archaic education system, we are simply not prepared for the drastic speed in the ever-growing constant in this society- change. What we are being taught in schools and even universities are lagging behind the revolution that is happening before our very eyes- A.I., Big Data, Algorithms, Genetic modification- therefore making us irrelevant. Irrelevance defeats the many purpose of life, it also indirectly creates a useless class of people who are left behind in this march to advancement.

Harari not only talked about the subject mattered above, he also criticised a lot of our conventional thinking and beliefs- terrorism, war, justice, God, religion, post-truths. This book is meticulously split into 5 sections that dissects the anatomy of the modernistic world that we are sprinting into cluelessly while we make things up on the way. Harari also took wild perspectives on modern and past culture in efforts to divulge the fact that we do not understand ourselves better than machines could.

Humans likes stories more than facts, if we are able to create a story that is simple and interesting enough to catch our attention, we can convince them to believe the story even if the story is baseless and filled with lies. However, we are living in the times where the stories told by the past are not as believable as in today’s society anymore, leaving us without any story to believe in and thus we are encouraged to come together as one global community by putting down our metaphorical beliefs in nationalism or whatever to unite as one human race in order to establish a global community to work together and understand how to cope with the boom of information and biology.

8.5/10, definitely recommend anyone to read, even if you do not care about our bleak future. I would read the book second time as to comprehend further of what Harari has written. All in all, a great book that challenges us to think and contemplate about our future that is coming at us like a train without brakes.

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