defining moment

“Are you still there?”

“Are you still there?”

“Are you…” the voice waned into non-existence, a commonplace for cold responses. It morphed into a human-like figure, approaching the singular presence that was hidden away in the darkness from the harshness of reality and soundly dwelling in a comforting reverie called the ‘past’.

As silence became the signal of similar frequencies between the two entities, the hidden one revealed itself to the voice that sought after it. Time was ticking, the colours of the wind were garnished with ominous redness, the roaring of urgency was spat out by the crushing atmosphere, an unknown intensity gripped the very being of existence by its throat, and yet the hidden one remained obstinate, reluctant to reveal itself.

The voice grew impatient, rather frustrated. Nonetheless, it kept its cool. “Is this what you wanted?” it chimed in the midst of nothingness, “Is this how you want to feel? Does this mean anything to you, anymore?” The hidden figure still failed to respond, its expression subtly turned from a comfortable one into a mildly restless creature hungry for more of what it was made into.

Time was running fast, almost gone in a skip of heartbeat. “Are you afraid of what is ahead of you? Are you tired about creating a future that you wanted? Have you lost your senses to fear itself?” Consecutive barrage of rhetorical bullets were fired, but it got through the hidden figure without it realising. The hidden figure reverted back into its fetal position of helplessness and comfort, as if waiting for some external force greater than itself to push it back to life.


“Are you still… you?”

A cowardice voice squeaked into the thin air, “no.” as stale as the air that was breathed. The voice from the hidden one was wearied, almost struck down by life itself. But at the same time, it resounded the most peaceful voice that was cast unto reality itself, free from the trenches of trying to live any longer. It sounded comfortable and conforming.

“I am just. fine.” the hidden voice languidly presented its thoughts, slower by two or three beats in time. “Stop bothering me. Ok?”

Taking the hint from the hidden one, the voice did not back down as it knew it would spell doom to whatever that was built upon and moulded into. It did not want to end up with a hollowed husk mounting at the back of the society to just live a normal life, it wanted more than that, and therefore both of them needed to bust their asses off for a made-up concept that was once so beautiful to both their minds.

“This is no…”

“Why can’t you just leave me alone?” The hidden voice bloomed out of fear that its comfort was about to be taken away. “I just want to enjoy what it is left for me. I have done enough to deserve whatever I have right here and right now. I don’t see the point in pursuing greater things in life and pushing myself that hard to achieve fictitious goals of the future. I just want to rest and live.”

“That’s just like dying with extra steps.”

“Your idea sounded more like it.”

“At least the steps taken will it worth a glance after getting older.”

“Do those mean anything? Those efforts will still be swallowed away by time itself. What’s the point?”

“There’s no point in doing what we are doing right now.”


“That’s why we should put aside our differences and get our asses moving.”


“Remember why we started this.”

For leaving fear and conformity behind to explore a beautiful, wondrous life ahead.

“What time is it?” a strange notion from the hidden one as it felt the urgency of time.


“Let’s go, we have wasted too much time.”

We are at constant battle with ourselves every single day. It is stupid and yet we still do it every moment of our lives. We must strive to get what we want and sacrifice whatever we have, including time, to devote ourselves to strive hard for the goals that we have in mind. The struggle is virulent and long. It is also inevitable. What we can do is to persevere and remember that God is still with us, giving meaning to life itself. Be clear and sure about what your hopes and dreams are, although they are a fabricated construct of life itself, they still mean more than being a gear in a machine called society. 

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