2019 + 1 = 2020 Resolutions

I know I have to do it, but I don’t know if I have the strength to do it.
– Ben (Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker)

If I want to make it to my dreams, I am not going slack off anymore. The way that I am living, the way that I am bringing myself, the way that I am pushing myself, they are all wasting my life away. In other words, I am sick and tired of how I carry out my life- unproductive and inefficient- I am here to address this issue and making a piecemeal approach to resolve them into a better life- more productive and efficient- by +1 to the various aspects of my life.

Quit Social Media.

Exercising willpower is way harder than completely not using them. What I mean by that is I will delete all my social media apps and block social media websites, only to let them out when I want to manage my projects (an hour per week), so that I will not have access to them. In other words, I do not need to make myself not look at them, I just have to do other things as they are gone from my sight. If I cannot even access my temptations, how can they tempt me?

Tone down on watching Youtube.

I have set in place the time limit feature on my phone. (still working on the laptop part) It will be a hassle for me to indulge in Youtube, because every 5 minutes or so, a reminder pops up to remind me that I had spent this amount of time on watching and re-watching videos that do not sum up to anything to me. In effort to completely curbing my sensations for Youtube, I will record down the time that I spent on that site every single day, just to remind myself how much time that I had wasted there.

Start a Youtube channel to record my life.

This is my Youtube channel. You can say I am hopping onto the bandwagon and following trends. I can say you are right and wrong at the same time. This is an intention to broaden and discover the depths of my creativity. It also helps to me more courageous when facing a camera and also processing what I want to say before actually saying it out. I will make it a weekly upload for the first month of 2020, and eventually bumping it up to two, then to three for the next year. The content might vary from time to time as it is about my life and how I experienced it. The channel will be similar to my blog as it serves as a record of how I was feeling during the experience.


I will follow the 1 percent rule. First, start by actually picking up a book and reading a few pages like 5 or 10 pages everyday for a week, then slowly increasing by a magnitude of 5 pages for the coming week. I just need to set the habit in place, and everything will flow by naturally.

Do more Maths.

Currently, I am clocking in at least 3 hours per day, on average. But now, I want to amp it up to at least 6 hours, nope, I want to be more greedy, 8 by the mid of 2020. Same rule of thumb, 1 percent increment every week. In addition, I must put more thought into doing Maths and also appreciating its beauty as I am doing so, understanding it also plays a crucial part during these sessions. I have a goal to discover a formula to benefit mankind, and I feel like I am starting late, I need to catch up.

Run at least three marathons.

Melaka, Johor, Penang and Standard Chartered marathon (need to see my luck). If I get lucky, I want to run a sub-4 marathon. I will practise 5 times per week with increasing intensity.

Write a list of my everyday task.

Making sure that my efficiency and productivity are at their peaks, not wanting to waste any of my time. Eventually, will do a weekly list, and also short-term goals, making sure that I am progressing with time, not being stagnant and backwards.

Write a list of the 5 things I am grateful about consistently.

This is a practice of gratitude that I felt like I must have. Usually, I take things for granted too often, until I forget what I have around me and I just become a colder person in general. I do not want that to happen ever again, I want to be a person that radiates warmth and walks in the reflection of God, exercising gratitude until it becomes unintentional, managing the negativity inside me and amplifying the positivity in me.

Here is mine for the past few days:

i) Manage to answer my finals with confidence and accuracy.
ii) Writing this post and the year review.
iii) Deleting Instagram on my phone.
iv) Being able to wake up at 7.30 a.m.
v) Having the time to reflect and plan my life, talk with God.

Manage a Chinese calligraphy art Instagram.

It is a side passion and a duty that is passed on to me. I felt like I have to do them in the matter of time or else this culture will be taken over by computers or forgotten completely. First, I must create an email and set up an Instagram account for it. Posting on it consistently on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. I need to do some research on how other people are presenting their art on Instagram and modify them to become mine. I also need to up my game in Chinese calligraphy by actually understanding what I am writing (often times I just brainlessly write without processing the meaning of what I am writing) and also exploring different types of writing. What I had in mind is that I copy one piece of writing from a renowned calligrapher then only proceed to my weekly routine of writing. That is what I have in mind for now.

Do missions. (or something meaningful to the community)

Still asking, and waiting. Probably will try out some other stuffs like AIESEC or some other community works that are available around me. Not so much of a plan but it is a responsibility to give back to the community.

Sleep early, wake up early.

In 2019, my sleep schedule was upside down most of the times, which is why I was generally tired all the time. I want to make the change right now, by sleeping by 11 pm (or at least get in bed, not touching anything else) and waking up by 5.30 a.m. Currently, I sleep at around 12 a.m. and wake up by 7.30 a.m. This is a sign of too much comfort and not pushing myself enough. Same with the reading plan, I want to make an effort to sleep at 11.45 p.m. first, wake up by 7.00 a.m. Subsequently subtracting the time week by week.

**What I meant by waking up is that I do not go back to bed after doing so. I really love to get back to sleep right after I woke up. It is just, I have had enough of this, I want to make use of every single second of my time and also lengthen the time that I am conscious.

Learn how to bike (for at least 21 km one shot)

Yes, I am 21 and I do not know how to bike. I felt ashamed when I tell people that I do not know how to ride a bicycle. For the first few months, I will pick up the gist of how to bike and then I will incorporate it into my weekly routine of exercise. I must overcome the fear of falling and letting momentum guide me to ride a bicycle.

Swim regularly

I have not swum for almost three to four years. Hopefully I still know how to swim. Probably will start small on the next semester, on February. Once per week, then will amp up to twice per week. A minimum of 45 minutes per session, or else my money will go to waste.

Eat healthily

Cutting down on added sugar. Cutting down on ice. Strictly no instant noodles. Cutting down on fast food. More greens. More water. More fruits. This will need a consistent reminder to myself from myself. I do not want to suffer in the future.

Do not put a limiter on myself.

Stop giving myself shitty excuses as to why I am not doing what I am supposed to do.

Climb at least 2 mountains.

Go on a small trip with friends.

Get a medal in an Olympiad Maths competition.

Learn one programming language.

Write at least 3 times per week.

Here are my twenty 2020 resolutions. Most of these are things that are new to me, that is why I called them ‘+1’. Hope you have planned out your 2020! Wish me luck in reaching these goals and +1 more to my inventory of life.

What are your visions for 2020? Leave them down in the comments below! 

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