2-Hour Visit to Melaka

Having to drive for 5 hours from Johor back to KL, my friend, Lee, and I decided to take a quick 2-hour visit to Melaka for lunch. The traffic entering to the heart of Melaka was a little congested as most of the drivers there were hesitant. It was a Saturday and it was around 2 p.m. both of us were hungry.


We circled around Jonker Street for a parking and we got one on our third spin, the more fortunate thing was that we need not to pay for any parking fee as it was a Saturday. We hopped off the car and went to one of the cafes recommended by another of my friend- Goh (she pretty much knew everything nice to eat at Melaka).

Before venturing into the cafe, Goh and I met, coincidentally. After greeting each other, she talked more about the food and coffee around this area. We bade each other goodbye and went to look for the cafe- The Baboon House.


The atmosphere of the cafe radiated a modern touch on the true nyonya colours back in the days. I really liked the fact that the cafe preserved a number of artefacts such as ‘forbidden’ history books, kitchen appliances, decos and many more signatures about the nyonya culture back in the colonial days of Melaka.

Can you imagine all of those shots taken were from one cafe? It is just an awesome place to have lunch in. Although the place was brimming with customers, the servers there were carrying out their jobs diligently.


The food there is definitely worth the price, I had the pork-chop burger (around RM 25)  which has sufficient greens to compliment with the juicy pork-chop-patty, every bite that I took into it was oozing out the delicious pork essence. The coffee there, the Vietnamese coffee (around RM 7), is simply one of the best coffee that I ever had in Malaysia. Even without the condensed milk, the coffee found the bittersweet balance and the presence of caffeine was on point- not too overwhelming nor too underwhelming. Needless to say, a full 5-star experience for this cafe.

After savouring on the food in Melaka, we hit the Jonker Streets to look see look see. In my opinion, something about the view in Melaka was lacking, I did not know how to describe it, probably it was lacking of vibrance and ‘life’ of being a heritage land. But nonetheless, it was still great to walk around this place.

Street view of Jonker Street, Melaka
Beside Peranakan Place, Jonker Street, Melaka.
A culturally appropriated Family Mart in Jonker Street, Melaka.
One of the temples located in Jonker Street, Melaka.

Of course, the photos above are edited to suit the taste of netizens. I believe the authorities can do something about it since Malaysia is having its VisitMalaysia2020 this year.

After strolling around for a couple of minutes, we bought some delectable authentic snacks from San Shu Gong, the prices were reasonable (set for tourists) and the snacks are well-packed, very good for souvenirs.

Our two-hour trip ended just like that. I barely made it in time to move away my car before the people mountain people sea started to flood the Jonker Street for their night market. We left just in time.

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