My First KL Urban Sketching Experience

I have been wanting to try out sketching for a long time. This time was perfect, I met up with Rex (his Instagram: @rex.tai.z.h) to go for an urban sketching in Kuala Lumpur with the KL Urban Sketchers. We met around 8 in the morning and departed for the rendezvous point in the middle of Jalan Tun HS Lee.

We had breakfast there and started to sketch after that. Rex chose a spot for us to draw. We literally set up a spot for ourselves and start sketching. The first sketching spot that Rex chose was:

Jalan Tun HS Lee

The entire Jalan Tun HS Lee was a little let-down this time around as there were not enough Chinese New Year deco to brighten up the atmosphere. Hopefully it was not because of the lattern-scare situation that our fellow Malaysians are having. Nonetheless, we were advised by one of the founders of the KL Urban Sketchers- Mr. K.C. Lee- to add in our own lanterns in our sketches, just to give it the oomph of Chinese New Year.

My first sketch was rather unappealing, something that should not be seen. Rex’s one was impressive but he was not satisfied with what he drawn.

Our next spot was in front of a Chinese temple, very ‘Ong’.

关帝庙, Kuala Lumpur.

I spent around 30 minutes on this sketch, I put more focus into sketching this. It was difficult as this was my second sketch of my entire life, I never put so much effort into producing a piece of sketch.

Sketches of the temple.

At least I got the shape right. Right? Mine was at the top and Rex’s another. We both laughed at what I had drawn. As a Maths student, I believe this was beyond my control. However, this acts as a very good exercise in my imagination and picturing depth and perspective in real-time. Rex was not finished with his sketch so I went to walk around and took some pictures in the surroundings.

He finished just as I got him some drinks. Go see his Instagram @rex.tai.z.h for his finished sketches.

This time around, KL Urban Sketchers were with people from MASA (Malaysia Architecture Student Alliance). All the sketchers gathered around in front of a bank to showcase their art at around noon. We got to enjoy different types of drawings from different individuals. I deeply admire how their styles vary from one another, really special.


My sketch was way out of chart (the top right one), I mean I tried my best and got an A+ for my effort. This was cited by one of the members of KL Urban Sketchers at the end of the sharing session. In comparison, I really had no chance against these people who made art as their passion.

It is indeed an honour to join them sketching. They are a great bunch of people, inspiring and aspiring. I am glad and elated to see people with passion working hard to chase their dreams, would and definitely would join them again if I have the chance to.

WhatsApp Image 2020-01-16 at 13.04.12

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