Koe No Katachi [A Silent Voice] (Anime Review)

“A Silent Voice” is one of the top-tiered anime that resonates with a good story line and superb art style. The movie portrayed the flaw of the school system when dealing with the handicapped, also depicting that misunderstanding is the root to unnecessary conflicts. In addition, the movie also showed the severity of suicidal thoughts and cases.

Shoya Ishida was a bully at his grade school, he and his classmates together bullied a deaf girl named Shoko Nishimiya, causing not only physical but also mental torture to Nishimiya. At first, the class was all good until the day when fear and uncertainty struck the class, the class bullied her until she needed to transfer away from that school. In the end, when asked who bullied her, the class all turned against Shoya Ishida, making Ishida the one and only culprit, destroying his self-confidence at that instance.

Progressing to high school, Ishida proceeded his life alone, without having any contact with other students, the movie portrayed the view of Ishida with literal crosses at every faces that he could see. With the guilt and regret, he did pick up sign language. When Ishida realised that Nishimiya went to the same sign language class every Tuesday, he made the move to amend the relationship.

With the help of Yuzuru (Nishimiya’s younger sister) and his new-found friends, he managed to get back to Nishimiya. Before that, Ishida made some caustic remarks about his friends and forced himself back into the lonely world that he was so used to. The most touching scene is when Ishida earnestly apologised to Nishimiya after Ishida rescued Nishimiya from a suicide attempt, really well-built climax.

9/10, watch this when you have time. This did not get as much reputation as ‘Your Name’ probably because the movie lacked one great soundtrack, the OSTs in this movie were good enough to jive with the movie but it lacked the longevity in people’s mouth and mind.

The title of the movie is on point. In my opinion, I feel that the ‘silent voice’ is the negative voice within us that convinces us that we are doing no good and the world is bad. All in all, a good movie.

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