14-Hour Phone Detox on Valentine’s Day

Phone detox is an act of putting away my phone for a certain period of time. In conjunction of Valentine’s day, I wanted to treat myself or torture myself into not touching my phone for 14 hours straight (because today is the 14th of February).

Here is the video:

I handed my phone to Pa in the morning before our weight-loss run. We ran for approximately an hour, I did not have a serious urge to check my phone. But, inadvertently I would reach out for my phone immediately after the run. It felt natural to do that. Same goes for the time before taking a post-run bath, I would usually laze around watching Youtube, but this time was different, I did not have my phone to reach out to. I simply went for the bath.

The habit just kept on showing itself from time to time throughout the period of time. This was something akin to a wake-up call for me, telling me that I am overdependent on my phone. I just wanted to live a comfortable life, scrolling through my phone, and just let the day pass by.

I did much more productive stuffs when my phone was away from me. I finished reading a book and took a short nap as a reward for myself. As I was flying through the pages, my hand reached out for my phone instinctively after passing a chapter, that was how bad my reliance for ‘escape’ was. After I woke up from my nap, the same thing happened, I reached out for something that was non-existent. It was automatic.

1.00 p.m. had arrived, about 9 more hours to go before I could claim my phone back. I decided to write some posts (mainly reviews and forgotten posts) that I was supposed to write from time to time. After writing the 2 posts, I got up to rest. This time, I did not reach out for my phone, rather I just stood by my balcony and enjoyed the greenery that was outside. I got used to not having a phone.

Back to reality, I got a little worried and curious about my phone, who called and whatsapped me. I wondered how many would there be. Pondered about the nonsensical question for awhile, I got back doing some Maths until around 5.45 p.m. I got so used to looking up for concepts and solutions on my phone, but I was gradually able to switch to use my laptop for the job, and surprisingly I managed to do a decent amount of Maths in the given timeframe (I expected more but at least I did something more productive rather than just mindlessly falling into the rabbit hole of Youtube).

Entering dinner time, I went out with my friends/course mates, also to celebrate some of the upcoming birthdays. I am used to not using my phone in public, so this was not a challenge. Until the end of the dinner, time was about up, 14 hours. I got back my phone from Pa and checked some messages, replied to some and put it away to write this post and edit the video for this.

Really do recommend you to try this out for once per week, in order to re-tune what your standings are in life and to reflect upon how the week went. It was just zen and peace when you got things back in order at the back of your mind.

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